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4 stars
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4 stars
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3.5 stars
Protect Privacy
4 stars
4 stars
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3.5 stars
Value for Money
3.5 stars is an organization that gives men the chance to contact women from different nations. says it was built two decades ago by tour organization and foreign women affair. The organization trusts that it can encourage universal people to find a suitable couple that matches their imagination.

If you have to go to a business, either, you can engage in their sentimental tours, so it’s conceivable to meet these ladies in a live environment. This is not a mail arrangement lady of the hour benefit; A foreign affair is trapped with outward women seeking love rather than just a green card.


You will not invest too much time, to create a working profile and add photos. Tragically, you can not use your various patterns and sign up such as from Facebook, which is not a big deal. All you have to do is answer the basic questions (such as your relationship status, ethnicity, education) and record your representation, including side interests and preferences, You can also add an extra comment.

You can put each of these emphases in a freestyle. When you talk about yourself, you can explain your extraordinary qualities, such as being an extremely attentive person who knows how to prevail in everything. However, considering the ultimate goal of exceeding this page, you need to update your account.

Top Features:

Profiles Galore: is one of the better-known dating locals in the market. It has more than a large number of secluded women’s profiles, many of them from Russia and the former Soviet republics. Given the breadth of the range, it’s unthinkable not to find a potential partner you like.

Global Representation:

The organization has set up an office in every real city and can offer benefits to clients around the world.

Regulated: submits to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) laws governing the selection and meeting of outside women, ensuring that the organization operates within the limits of the law.

Tried and tested:

Site owners married their Russian spouses according to a similar process that advocates their organization. Through this strategy, A Foreign Affair clients will meet their potential future accomplices.

Pros and Cons:


  1. The positive feedback of satisfied persons.
  2. thousand of profile.
  3. Main offices all inclusive.
  4. Place to meet foreign women.


  1. Confusing site format.
  2. Pricing can be prohibitive.
  3. You can land on a scammer.


The staff of the site gets rid of the tricks. No one can assure you of the confidentiality of data you provide to anyone through the Site, and no one promises you the accuracy of any interpretation on the Site (whether or not you have paid for it). When you sign up, you declare, Of course, you agree not to indemnify the website personnel from any obligation to use data obtained by outsiders for their use of this administration. Also, the staff of the site is not responsible for the substance of the messages you receive, the use of this site. That way, only you are responsible for’s trick. Know about it and do not send your private data independently.

Ease of Use

The site is busy, challenging to explore and elaborate. On the first page, there are about two hundred catches and connections, a considerable number of them. To be honest, the site is practically a read for terrible websites.

However, you should remember that the main reason that A foreign women can escape such a wreck of a website is that they have such a notable reputation in the industry. In this way, the way you can stay in business with such a messy, outdated website is a solid underwriting in this spot.


The site has a silver membership that charges $12 the gold membership costs $9 while platinum membership fees $95 the first month and $29.95 monthly.

Editor’s Verdict

There are many ways to meet perfect ladies, but in case you have a Russian or Ukrainian lady of the hour, is an incredible place to start. It is reliable, protected, efficient and has one of the most extensive databases of women from Russia and the former Soviet republics, each of them hungry for affection and inspired to meet remote men. There is a lot of help from the Employees, and additional data on Life Partner Visa, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, and various things that you discover, relevant to your mission for lasting brotherhood. Try it. The free enrollment is enough to shoot you!

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