5 Tips for Long Distance Relationship

Making a long-distance relationship work is no easy feat. There are quite a lot of complications, and sooner or later, the distance tends to get better of the relationship, resulting in things going kaput. However, this does not imply that all long-distance relationships are doomed to failure. It all comes down to how you approach your relationship and the extent that you are willing to go for it.

long distance relationship

Are you confused about how you can make your long-distance relationship work? Are you unsure about whether you would be able to handle it? If this is the case, let us share some tips with you that would make things easier.

1. Communication is the key

It is not easy to maintain effective communication when you are separated by miles. However, if you are serious about your relationship work, you will be willing to make an effort. One of the significant problems that couples encounter in long-distance relationships is lack of communication.
It is essential that you do not let the distance come in the way of your communication. Make it a point to share everything with your partner, even the seemingly boring things. Discuss your routines and what you did throughout the day. Share your plans even if it appears silly. This will ensure that you are a part of each other’s daily routine despite the distance.

2. Prioritize yourself

People often end up putting their life on hold during long-distance relationships. Sooner or later, this starts to become suffocating, and you end up being bitter about the relationship. This is something that you need to avoid.

There is no denying that it is essential to value your relationship. However, your whole life does not have to revolve around the routine of your partner. Take some time out for yourself and do things that you love and enjoy

3. Use the internet to the fullest

We live in the era of the internet wherein the whole world has come closer. You can talk to a person sitting miles away as though he is in the next room.
Make full use of this opportunity. Use Skype or other modes of video calling as much as possible. Communicate via texts and make sure that you feel each other’s presence all the time. You can even plan Skype dates to make things more romantic

4. Share your feelings

It is vital to be open about your feelings when you are in a long-distance relationship. Do not let the insecurity eat you away internally. Instead, let your partner know what has been troubling you.

If you feel there is a problem in the relationship or think you are not being valued, tell it to your partner so that you can work things out.

5. Talk about the future

One of the most effective ways to get past the long-distance is to talk about your plans for the future when you both would be together.
Keep reminding yourself that this long-distance is not going to last forever, and sooner or later, you would get to be together with the love of your life.

Final words

It is not easy to find the perfect love in your life. Once you do, you would not want a few miles to come in the way of your happy ending. Therefore, try to work things out as much as possible if you want your long-distance relationship to work.

How to Date Western Men

A longing to discover love is the basic human right of every human being. And the desire to date a western man is no different than any other. Hence, here are some tips of how to date a western man.

western man

Western Men Don’t Want Strong and Independent Women

Western men do not like dominant women. They like women who are calm and peaceful. They do not want you to stress out on things. Western men like females who are more feminine. Respect here also plays a part so try to be respectful towards them.

Moral support and emotion

Western men like females who are a moral support to them. They like women who hear them out and help them in their though times. They also like women who express their feelings truly. Men are attracted to women who support them so be supportive.

Being punctual

It is a good thing to show up at the exact time as you agreed upon because western men have a thing for punctuality. So be on time whenever you are meeting a man from the west as this will impress him. As many people get late this could create a very fair chance for you.


The way you dress is really important. It really matters how one conceives your personality. So, wear a nice dress and do wear high heels. Add that seductive element into your apparel so that he is not able to look at any other girl out there except you.

Smell Nice

Use good perfumes when you go out on a date as it shows your personality. Not too less not too many, the perfect amount of perfume on your body would do its magic. Wear a perfume that is strong and lasts longer than usual.

Do not try to fit in on the western beauty standards

Western men like you because of the reason that you are different from the local people in town. They are in love with your color different facial structure and eyes so make these features compliment your personality rather than having insecurities about them.

Pay for your drink and for your meal. This makes a huge impact on the men as they are expecting the total opposite. This tells them that you have respect for them and that you can support yourself. You are not in here for money.

Therefore, it raises the bar for your personality.

The main distinction in figuring out how to date a Western man is seeing progressively about his way of life and legacy, he is as yet a man and, in this way, will love and aversion very similar things that such huge numbers of other men do.

Figuring out how to date a western man isn’t that very different than figuring out how to date any moderately well-off man. So just stay calm and act upon the advices.

How to Find a Foreign Boyfriend Online

In today’s internet-based and fast-paced society, long-distance relationships are becoming more and more easy to attain with the help of modern technology. They’re also becoming more in more acceptable in mainstream society. It’s hard for me to find any friends that aren’t on dating apps like Tinder, and with over 7,000 dating websites and apps to choose from, it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t at least had 1 experience with these services. But with so many different ways to connect out there, and so many different websites and apps promising you’ll meet your future husband, it can get pretty overwhelming at first glance. However, in this list we give you the best places to find a foreign boyfriend online, to help you on your journey to finding the love of your life!
foreign boyfriend

Dating Websites

The first place you’ll want to look when looking for a foreign boyfriend are dating websites. Websites like Match.com and EHarmony have a great selection of people who are outside of the United States! Not only that, but Match.com, in particular, is available in over 50 countries, including China, Spain, Sweden, and Canada! With this kind of reach, it makes it super easy to find connections around the world, and meet new people overseas from the comfort of your home! Plus, creating an account on a dating website like Match.com is as easy as filling out a profile and linking an email to your account, and logging on to start making matches! With 1/5th of committed relationships, today starting online, maybe it’s time to start looking on the web?

Dating Apps

Another great way to meet a foreign boyfriend online is with none other than your smartphone! With dating apps becoming more and more popular, it’s becoming more and more easy to date, and with apps like OkCupid, you’ll be well on your way to meeting Mr.Right! All you need to do to join these apps is to create an account, much like a dating website, and start searching! To use OkCupid to find a foreign boyfriend, all you have to do is search in the country you want, and OkCupid will match with men from that country!


In all, if you’re sick of searching for love in all the wrong places, give online dating a shot! Of course, anyone who decides to date online must take certain special precautions that one doesn’t have to think about when dating in the real world. One thing that people need to remember is that people lie. Like a lot. Especially when talking to someone when another country. To avoid being catfished, or being led-on online from someone who is faking their identity, make sure to video chat with them, or have them send more pictures of themselves to verify that they are indeed the person you think you’re talking to. Doing this will verify that they’re actually a person and not just a google search image result!

Mate1.com Reviews 2020


Overall Rating:
3 stars
Chance of Getting a Date
3 stars
Ease of Use / Navigation
3.5 stars
Protect Privacy
3 stars
3 stars
Active Members
3.5 stars
Value for Money
3 stars

If you are looking for an online dating website that casually introduces you to the world of online dating while providing you with a large dating pool, cutting-edge features, and an advanced filter system, Mate1 is an excellent option. With over 46,000,000+ registered users, free membership for females, and a simple but intuitive user-interface, there really is no doubt as to why it is one of the largest and most successful sites available.

What the Signup Process & Profile Creation is Like

The signup process is extremely easy, you simply either connect with your Facebook account or fill out a short form where you select your gender, what you are seeking, the age range you are interested in, your country of residence, and your postal code. To jump into the matching process, you will need to provide your location, age, and relationship status and then start searching but if you want to completely fill out your profile, you can answer categories like Least Favorite Things, Favorite Things, and What I’m Looking For.

You are able to upload multiple photos to your profile, record a voice message for your matches, add some basic information about your race, religion, education, alcohol preference, and horoscope sign as well as things like occupation, eye color, and hair color. Honestly, there is nothing complicated about signing up or creating your profile as you have complete customization on what type of information you want to include.

Top Features:

  • Matches are based on compatible information found in your profiles. You can skip, hit no, or hit yes on potential matches and the system will let you know if there is a mutual attraction present.
  • The filter system has basic and advanced features like occupation, lifestyle, background, online status, photos, age, and location.
  • Mate1 has a mobile app that has integrated instant messaging
  • You can add your favorite matches to your hotlist. You can see who has hotlisted you, viewed your profile, and who is online.
  • You can flirt with matches by clicking the flirt button and sending a pre-written message.
  • There is a live chat option.
  • You can check out someone’s recent activity.
  • You can add a voice recording to your profile.
  • Large dating pool of 46,000,000+ people.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Female members receive full free membership.
  2. Men can receive a trial membership.
  3. Utilizes cutting-edge mobile capabilities if mobile applications are more of your style.
  4. There is a vast and diverse user-base.
  5. You are able to block members by country, making it easier to stop spam messages before they occur.
  6. You can search by last online and by profile completeness.
  7. Uses scientific matching tools.
  8. Multiple communication methods to site owners: snail mail, FAQ, contact form in Canada, UK, and the United States.


  1. The website’s text font can be a bit hard to read at times due to its small size.
  2. The cost for membership is pricey compared to competitor sites.
  3. You cannot read messages until you have committed to a paid membership. This is frustrating for males you are a guest member and haven’t signed up for membership yet.
  4. Comes with a stripped-down user-interface which can get boring to look at and use.
  5. No upgrades or premium options available for female account holders.
  6. A lack of compatibility tests when you sign up. This makes it more suitable for those who are casually looking to date.
  7. No verification on profiles although Mate1 does monitor the site.

Privacy Policy:

Like most privacy policies online, the information that you choose to part with during the sign-up process is never revealed to any other users using Mate1 unless you choose to reveal it to them. This information includes your e-mail address, your name, and any other contact information provided. If you want to be anonymous on Mate1, it is recommended that you do not include any personal information about yourself like e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, your real name, or messenger aliases when corresponding with other users.

What you do need to be careful of is members who are trying to scam you on the site. Since Mate1 does offer free membership, there tend to be a lot of profiles that are fake or that are of people who are on the site for nefarious reasons. You do have the ability to block other users, restrict access, and narrow down your potential matches.

Ease of Use

While the user-interface isn’t flashy, modern, or showy in its layout, it is clean and organized. It has all of the necessities that you need for finding matches without any bloated or unnecessary menus or buttons. Your dashboard lists off the site navigation, including your updates menu, home, and your account while the sidebar area has the activities you can participate in. Activities include things like searching, getting access to your messages, and finding your hotlist.


  • 3-Day Trial: $1.95
  • 1 Month Membership: $44.95
  • 3 Months Membership: $74.97
  • 6 Months Membership: $119.94

Editor’s Verdict

If you are looking for a straightforward and casual online dating site that has a large variety of members and a ton of unique features, Mate1 is definitely an excellent option to try out. While the website isn’t flashy and doesn’t have an in-depth user-interface, it does have a genuine quality about it and is incredibly easy to use. Just make sure to practice safe online dating principles as this will protect you from scams, fake profiles, and cat-fishers.

How to Meet Foreign Ladies in the US

Modern America is full of exotic beauties coming in from half a world away to chase the American dream. Whether it is from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America or Oceania, there are a host of beautiful women constantly travelling to America and looking to stay as long as possible, eager to go on vacations and visit places in the US. Now, on to the most important question, how to meet foreign ladies in the US?


Online Dating

There are a number of a ways to meet foreign women in the US; the first one to try would be online dating. Websites like Interracial Dating Central allow you to filter out partners by race, age and gender. Tinder is another good option, but the language barrier can make it difficult to text the pretty foreigner and make plans effectively.

Online Dating is arguably the most popular way to meet foreign ladies in the US, since they are also looking for you and the stress of dealing with crowds and talking to them in public places is avoided. If communication is a problem, you can always set up a date and try to do things in person.

Foreign Cultural Events

Going to culture centric events which happen all over the US is a good idea to meet someone from a different culture. Most of these events will allow people for free or with a ticket, and this gives you a chance to scout out attractive foreign women. Not only do you get a chance to meet pretty women, you will also be able to experience foreign culture and understand it, making your game much stronger when you finally meet them.

This also applies for foreign movie screenings, food festivals, concerts, plays and much more. The key is to find something that will be engaging to people from that particular country or culture.

Identifying and Visiting Neighborhoods with High Foreigner Concentration

You can go down to a pub or bar in a neighborhood that has a significant foreign population, chances are, you will run into a lot of foreign women, and you can try buying them drinks or dancing with them. The environment will also be familiar, making it easier for you to fit in. Making friends in these areas is advisable, since they will give you a reason to be in the area and if they are also foreigners, there is a good chance they will be able to introduce you to someone.

Markets with Foreign goods and services

These markets are bound to have some foreign women visiting them on a regular basis. They may also be found working there, which gives you a good reason to start talking to them. There are many such markets all over the US where you can meet an attractive foreigner and make friends with foreigners in general, which gives you more in-roads to that community, allowing you to meet more women from it.

Meeting attractive foreign women is not difficult if you spend your time in the right places and make sure you take your chances to talk to them as they come.

How to Date Ukrainian Ladies

The beauty of Ukrainian ladies is renowned all over the world. The angelic features of their face, coupled with their tall and slender body are the desire of men across the globe. But one thing you should know about Ukrainian women is that you can’t buy them over. You can only win them over with respect, sensitivity, and kindness.

The development of modern society in the nation has been slowly and steadily changing the perception of ladies. Today, the women have learned to adapt to the changes in the nation and the world at large and hence, reconsider their social role.

Ukrainian ladies are diligent and punctual, and they have started dominating the sphere of management. Ukrainian ladies are cunning, highly intelligent, and they know their value. A lot of men are out-maneuvered in the dating game with Ukrainian women.

Nevertheless, their desire to get married and start a family has not disappeared. A family is one of the most important things for them in life, and they would choose family over career anytime. In this article are some insights on how to date Ukrainian ladies, these tips will help you get started and find your way to the heart of your Ukrainian love.

ukrainian lady

Ukrainian Women Want to Be Loved, Desired, and Wanted

The ladies that are looking for foreign relationships are just like every other human looking for a better and happy life. Ukrainian ladies want to feel and act like ladies, not some machine that cooks, work, clean, wash, and carry groceries.

They dream of being with men that would treat them with passion and respect. They long to feel desired, loved, and needed. If you are able to make a Ukrainian woman feel this way, then she’s yours. Demonstration of kindness, gifts, flowers, these are great ways of winning the heart of a Ukrainian lady.

Showcase Your Intelligence

Ukrainian ladies are highly cultured, sophisticated, and intelligent women. They contain a natural intellectual curiosity. It is even recommended that you don’t discuss art, literature, and politics with women as it eliminates the romantic vibes. Nevertheless, Ukrainian women are from one of the few cultures where the display of your intelligence will demonstrate high value rather than dull the moment.

Ukrainian girls are less emotional and more rational. Hence, connecting with them on an intellectual ground instead of an emotional ground will yield more fruits, and it will also provide better results during your endeavors.

Maintain Your Frame

The frame is basically the masculine strength and presence of a man. Ukrainian ladies will directly assess and “shit test” your strength. These ladies are from a place where masculine strength is a very important survival quality for men and the most significant trait that women look out for. These ladies will directly and subtly test your Frame. As a man, you need to showcase strength in response to the “shit test” of Ukrainian women.

To achieve this, you need to keep in check and not give in to their unreasonable requests and bad behaviors. A lot of men try to please Ukrainian ladies by violating their own self-worth. Make sure you don’t fall into this trap. By so doing, even though they will be disappointed at the moment, they will respect you in the long run.

5 Tips to Create a Best Online Dating Profile

If you are single and have made up your mind to finally find love, you should turn to online dating. A lot of happily ever after stories have come from online dating and yours could just be on the way. For you to attract the right people who are actively searching for a partner like yourself, you are going to need the best online dating profile, and here are five tips to help you do that.

online dating profile

1. Use full body pictures

Don’t use selfies for your online dating profile photo. Yes, the temptation to use them is high thanks to the ease and current trends, but statistics show that a full body photo will get you more messages. To be more specific, a full body photo will get you up to 200 percent more messages than when you use a typical selfie.

Also, don’t take pictures with friends and family and use that as your profile picture, it just turns people off. Be the only one in the photo.

2. Don’t give a long list of your requirements

Yes, you surely have good taste and whoever wants to date you should know if they fit in, but you don’t give a good impression of yourself if you focus more on what you want than what you can offer.

You can say what you want but focus on yourself and let those who see your profile know the type of person you are, it also doesn’t have to be complicated. Talk about the things you love to do and how you like to spend time.

3. Let your profile be easy to read and understand

What’s the point of using heavy vocabulary on your online dating profile? That’s right, no point at all, unless you are looking forward to dating a vocabularian.

If you are like the rest of humanity who just want to find love and be happy, then make your sentences readable and easy to understand. No one will go through your online dating profile with a dictionary, they will pass if they can’t figure out what you mean.

4. Let your pictures be mixed

Online dating platforms usually require you to upload between five and seven photos of yourself. Make sure you upload as required, don’t leave one space blank.

As you do so, don’t use just one type of photo to fill all the blanks, mix it up. Let people see you standing, reading, cooking, playing a sport, or doing whatever it is you really like. Pictures say a thousand words, and mixing them up will make you look more real.

5. Be honest

When creating your online dating profile, be honest about everything you say, this is very important not only in getting a date, but also in keeping one and remaining in a healthy relationship.

Most people always say they want an honest person in a relationship, it is the most attractive trait and people love it. Don’t worry about your imperfections, there are many others who have it and no one is perfect.

LoveMe.com Reviews 2020


Overall Rating:
4 stars
Chance of Getting a Date
4 stars
Ease of Use / Navigation
3.5 stars
Protect Privacy
4 stars
4 stars
Active Members
3.5 stars
Value for Money
3.5 stars

Loveme.com is an organization that gives men the chance to contact women from different nations. Loveme.com says it was built two decades ago by tour organization and foreign women affair. The organization trusts that it can encourage universal people to find a suitable couple that matches their imagination.

If you have to go to a business, either, you can engage in their sentimental tours, so it’s conceivable to meet these ladies in a live environment. This is not a mail arrangement lady of the hour benefit; A foreign affair is trapped with outward women seeking love rather than just a green card.


You will not invest too much time, to create a working profile and add photos. Tragically, you can not use your various patterns and sign up such as from Facebook, which is not a big deal. All you have to do is answer the basic questions (such as your relationship status, ethnicity, education) and record your representation, including side interests and preferences, You can also add an extra comment.

You can put each of these emphases in a freestyle. When you talk about yourself, you can explain your extraordinary qualities, such as being an extremely attentive person who knows how to prevail in everything. However, considering the ultimate goal of exceeding this page, you need to update your account.

Top Features:

Profiles Galore:

Loveme.com is one of the better-known dating locals in the market. It has more than a large number of secluded women’s profiles, many of them from Russia and the former Soviet republics. Given the breadth of the range, it’s unthinkable not to find a potential partner you like.

Global Representation:

The organization has set up an office in every real city and can offer benefits to clients around the world.


Loveme.com submits to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) laws governing the selection and meeting of outside women, ensuring that the organization operates within the limits of the law.

Tried and tested:

Site owners married their Russian spouses according to a similar process that advocates their organization. Through this strategy, A Foreign Affair clients will meet their potential future accomplices.

Pros and Cons:


  1. The positive feedback of satisfied persons.
  2. thousand of profile.
  3. Main offices all inclusive.
  4. Place to meet foreign women.


  1. Confusing site format.
  2. Pricing can be prohibitive.
  3. You can land on a scammer.


The staff of the site gets rid of the loveme.com tricks. No one can assure you of the confidentiality of data you provide to anyone through the Site, and no one promises you the accuracy of any interpretation on the Site (whether or not you have paid for it). When you sign up, you declare, Of course, you agree not to indemnify the website personnel from any obligation to use data obtained by outsiders for their use of this administration. Also, the staff of the site is not responsible for the substance of the messages you receive, the use of this site. That way, only you are responsible for loveme.com’s trick. Know about it and do not send your private data independently.

Ease of Use

The site is busy, challenging to explore and elaborate. On the first page, there are about two hundred catches and connections, a considerable number of them. To be honest, the site is practically a read for terrible websites.

However, you should remember that the main reason that A foreign women can escape such a wreck of a website is that they have such a notable reputation in the industry. In this way, the way you can stay in business with such a messy, outdated website is a solid underwriting in this spot.


The site has a silver membership that charges $12 the gold membership costs $9 while platinum membership fees $95 the first month and $29.95 monthly.

Editor’s Verdict

There are many ways to meet perfect ladies, but in case you have a Russian or Ukrainian lady of the hour, LoveMe.com is an incredible place to start. It is reliable, protected, efficient and has one of the most extensive databases of women from Russia and the former Soviet republics, each of them hungry for affection and inspired to meet remote men. There is a lot of help from the Employees, and additional data on Life Partner Visa, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act, and various things that you discover, relevant to your mission for lasting brotherhood. Try it. The free enrollment is enough to shoot you!

Eharmony.com Review 2020


Overall Rating:
4 stars
Chance of Getting a Date
3 stars
Ease of Use / Navigation
3.5 stars
Protect Privacy
4 stars
3 stars
Active Members
3.5 stars
Value for Money
3.5 stars

Eharmony boasts of being one of the best online dating sites available today. This is due to its high success rate when it comes to generating matches that eventually lead to successful marriages. Based on an earlier study, eHarmony is said to be responsible for over 400 daily matches that have led to marriages in the US. This makes it a very popular destination for marriage-oriented singles. Eharmony is unmatched when it comes to features and depth of its dating services.

The platform boasts of being “the first online dating service provider to utilize relationship science” to generate matches based on compatibility and develop marriage profiles. This complex matching system was developed through comprehensive testing on married individuals. Its innovativeness has been recognized and as a result, the system was granted a US Patent. After the in-depth profile creation, the system uses the information to screen for compatibility.

As such, eHarmony eliminates the hours lost in searching through dead-ends by only displaying matches that display compatibility with the user’s profiles. The site’s Matching making Model is said to eliminate 99.7% of incompatible members. It never gets better than this especially for individuals searching for serious long-term relationships.


Signing up at eHarmony is easy and free. After joining the platform, members are required to fill out an in-depth and comprehensive Relationship Quiz. The results are organized into a comprehensive Personality Profile and consequently used to generate personal insight and help the site to find each member a compatible match. The afore-mentioned quiz paints a clear picture of each and every member and the type of match they’re looking for.

This gives eHarmony a competitive edge in the wake of the ever-evolving online dating world. After creating their profiles, users can then upload their profile photos and answer more questions to further build their profile. A profile picture is not mandatory, but it is believed to improve the rate of response to one’s profile.

For privacy purposes, only your prospective matches can view your profile photos. From here, the profile becomes active and thus handing over the responsibility of searching for your significant other to the safe and capable hands of eHarmony’s coveted Compatibility Matchmaking System.

Top Features:

eHarmony offers so many distinct features. Below is a list of the top features that are designed to help you enjoy your stay at eHarmony and deliver an unforgettable experience:

Match Guarantee

Currently, eHarmony offers a match guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the matches you receive in your first 3 months of subscription to their dating service, you receive an extra three-month free premium subscription.

Daily Match Feature

The eHarmony matchmaking algorithm provides daily matches suggestions based on the probability and capability for long-term, deep-seated relationships.

eH +

With features, all matches are first checked by a counselor and are validated to be interested in your profile before you communicate with them.

Match making Feature

Unlike other dating sites, the eHarmony’s search feature is tailored to the only filter through a list of probable matches and hence eliminating the time lost in searching through millions of profiles with no results.

Pros and Cons:


  1. The signup is free but very thorough. This helps increase one’s chances of getting a compatible match.
  2. The platform is ideal for individuals who are looking for serious long-term relationships that will eventually lead to marriage.
  3. Despite the fact that you only get to see matches selected by the system, eHarmony gives members more control over their experience using Standard Matches, Compatible Matches, and Flex Matches.
  4. eHarmony offers a match Guarantee.


  1. You can’t message or view photos of other users without a premium subscription.
  2. Relatively more expensive compared to other dating platforms.
  3. It’s not possible to perform manual searches.
  4. Free membership only allows you to communicate through existing questions and answers unless it’s on a free communications weekend which is available once in a month.


eHarmony is very strict when it comes to the safety and privacy of its members. As such, they provide a wide range of online dating safety tips. Also, you can easily terminate communication with a match if need be by clicking the “close” button. This way, the person will not be able to see or communicate with you. Also, you can limit or dictate the members who can view your compiled personality quiz results. Additionally, you can report any suspicious activity to the eHarmony customer support staff and they will gladly help.

Ease of Use

The eHarmony website is professionally designed and very easy to navigate. The registration process is quite detailed but it’s all in an effort to get the members where they need to be in the shortest time possible. The eHarmony dating community is very supportive especially to the new members and will get you all the help you need. The eHarmony website is very mobile friendly and on-the-go dating apps iPad, iPhone and Android. These apps incorporate all the major features of the main website.


Subscriptions Monthly Rate Total Payment
1 month $59.95 $59.95
3 months $29.95 $89.95
6 months $29.90 $179.40

Editor’s Verdict

eHarmony is in no doubt among the most thorough online dating platforms. The services offered strictly specify that the website is for individuals looking for meaningful, long-term relationships. The user interface is modern and very intuitive giving all the members a memorable online dating experience with a promise of delivering your perfect match directly to your profile.

Zoosk.com Review 2020


Overall Rating:
4 stars
Chance of Getting a Date
3 stars
Ease of Use / Navigation
4 stars
Protect Privacy
4 stars
3 stars
Active Members
3.5 stars
Value for Money
3.5 stars

Zoosk is one of the most successful players in the internet dating site arena. It has over the years developed from a simple Facebook application to one of the most sought-after internet dating services providers in the world. Its heavy integration with different social networking platforms and smartphones is a big plus and a stand out from its competition.

This feature allows its users to seamlessly connect and communicate across various social networking platforms. This means that millions of Zooskers (Zoosk users) from over 70 countries across the world can conveniently connect using the Internet, Facebook, and other popular platforms.

Zoosk employs an ultra-modern matchmaking algorithm to generate the most viable matches for its users. This algorithm does more than just match you with your potential partners. It also carries out an in-depth analysis of your dating profile and compiles a dating insights report that includes and a list of users who have developed an interest in you.

This behavioral based matchmaking technology works by what is termed as ‘learning’ users’ preferences as they interact and socialize with potential matches and consequently modeling their behavior. It uses the data it collects to generate and improve the chances of success in subsequent match suggestions. This translates to elevated match success rate for millions of Zooskers around the globe. The potential matches are conveyed through three different discovery tools:

  • Zoosk’s daily potential match suggestion.
  • The search feature that filters through millions of profiles.
  • Carousel, a prompt display of profile pictures.


The registration process for Zoosk is quick and straightforward. Zoosk has a one-click sign-up option through Google Plus or Facebook, allowing new users to borrow their information from their social media profiles. Alternately, they can sign-up using a valid email address and a password and will be required to enter some personal details like gender and date of birth, before continuing.

In the next step, the users can add their religious affiliation before moving on to indicate whether they are interested in women or men. After that, you move to choosing your location (location settings can be changed anytime), then upload a profile photo (it’s wise to use a high-quality photo to create a good impression).

The final section the About You segment ( this section covers body type, education, children, height, ethnicity, and lifestyle) and you are all set. You can choose to add extra information about yourself later.

Top Features:

Profile Carousel

The Carousel feature allows users to scroll through potential matches generated by Zoosk’s Matchmaker. This list is constantly updated as the system continuously tracks users’ behavior and search preferences.


The SmartPicks feature gives the users highly compatible match suggestion chosen specifically for them by Zoosk. Members can increase chances of success of their SmartPicks by updating information on all their personal preferences.


The search feature allows members to manually search for potential partners by using various search filters. The search filters include age, location, height, relationship status (never married, widowed, divorced, etc.), ethnicity, children, religion, body type, education, smoker/non-smoker, etc.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Premium/paid members can send receive replies from both paying and non-paying members.
  2. Social media integration.
  3. It has a huge user base with millions of singles users from all over the globe.
  4. Multilingual (supports over 20 different languages).
  5. Free sign-up (no fee is charged on registration).
  6. It offers affordable premium subscriptions.


  1. Profiles contain only basic information which limits search options to some extent.
  2. Ads on site.


For privacy purposes. Zoosk offers its members the option to browse incognito. It also has an option for deleting your account as well as blocking and reporting annoying users.

Ease of Use

The zoosk.com website is highly responsive and easy to navigate. It is very mobile friendly and comes with a mobile app for use on the go. Registration is free and simple, making it convenient for singles that don’t have time to fill in lengthy questionnaires.


Subscriptions Monthly Rate Total Payment
1 month $29.95 $29.95
3 months $19.98 $59.95
6 months $12.49 $74.95

Editor’s Verdict

Zoosk.com is a combination of high-quality matchmaking services and a state of the art technology which has helped the online dating giants stay ahead of their competition. Zoosk gives its clients a fun yet interactive user experience with a touch of excellence and great value for their money. Join www.zoosk.com for free and up your chances of finding that perfect love.