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Overall Rating:
4 stars
Chance of Getting a Date
3 stars
Ease of Use / Navigation
3.5 stars
Protect Privacy
4 stars
3 stars
Active Members
3.5 stars
Value for Money
3.5 stars

Eharmony boasts of being one of the best online dating sites available today. This is due to its high success rate when it comes to generating matches that eventually lead to successful marriages. Based on an earlier study, eHarmony is said to be responsible for over 400 daily matches that have led to marriages in the US. This makes it a very popular destination for marriage-oriented singles. Eharmony is unmatched when it comes to features and depth of its dating services.

The platform boasts of being “the first online dating service provider to utilize relationship science” to generate matches based on compatibility and develop marriage profiles. This complex matching system was developed through comprehensive testing on married individuals. Its innovativeness has been recognized and as a result, the system was granted a US Patent. After the in-depth profile creation, the system uses the information to screen for compatibility.

As such, eHarmony eliminates the hours lost in searching through dead-ends by only displaying matches that display compatibility with the user’s profiles. The site’s Matching making Model is said to eliminate 99.7% of incompatible members. It never gets better than this especially for individuals searching for serious long-term relationships.


Signing up at eHarmony is easy and free. After joining the platform, members are required to fill out an in-depth and comprehensive Relationship Quiz. The results are organized into a comprehensive Personality Profile and consequently used to generate personal insight and help the site to find each member a compatible match. The afore-mentioned quiz paints a clear picture of each and every member and the type of match they’re looking for.

This gives eHarmony a competitive edge in the wake of the ever-evolving online dating world. After creating their profiles, users can then upload their profile photos and answer more questions to further build their profile. A profile picture is not mandatory, but it is believed to improve the rate of response to one’s profile.

For privacy purposes, only your prospective matches can view your profile photos. From here, the profile becomes active and thus handing over the responsibility of searching for your significant other to the safe and capable hands of eHarmony’s coveted Compatibility Matchmaking System.

Top Features:

eHarmony offers so many distinct features. Below is a list of the top features that are designed to help you enjoy your stay at eHarmony and deliver an unforgettable experience:

Match Guarantee

Currently, eHarmony offers a match guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the matches you receive in your first 3 months of subscription to their dating service, you receive an extra three-month free premium subscription.

Daily Match Feature

The eHarmony matchmaking algorithm provides daily matches suggestions based on the probability and capability for long-term, deep-seated relationships.

eH +

With features, all matches are first checked by a counselor and are validated to be interested in your profile before you communicate with them.

Match making Feature

Unlike other dating sites, the eHarmony’s search feature is tailored to the only filter through a list of probable matches and hence eliminating the time lost in searching through millions of profiles with no results.

Pros and Cons:


  1. The signup is free but very thorough. This helps increase one’s chances of getting a compatible match.
  2. The platform is ideal for individuals who are looking for serious long-term relationships that will eventually lead to marriage.
  3. Despite the fact that you only get to see matches selected by the system, eHarmony gives members more control over their experience using Standard Matches, Compatible Matches, and Flex Matches.
  4. eHarmony offers a match Guarantee.


  1. You can’t message or view photos of other users without a premium subscription.
  2. Relatively more expensive compared to other dating platforms.
  3. It’s not possible to perform manual searches.
  4. Free membership only allows you to communicate through existing questions and answers unless it’s on a free communications weekend which is available once in a month.


eHarmony is very strict when it comes to the safety and privacy of its members. As such, they provide a wide range of online dating safety tips. Also, you can easily terminate communication with a match if need be by clicking the “close” button. This way, the person will not be able to see or communicate with you. Also, you can limit or dictate the members who can view your compiled personality quiz results. Additionally, you can report any suspicious activity to the eHarmony customer support staff and they will gladly help.

Ease of Use

The eHarmony website is professionally designed and very easy to navigate. The registration process is quite detailed but it’s all in an effort to get the members where they need to be in the shortest time possible. The eHarmony dating community is very supportive especially to the new members and will get you all the help you need. The eHarmony website is very mobile friendly and on-the-go dating apps iPad, iPhone and Android. These apps incorporate all the major features of the main website.


Subscriptions Monthly Rate Total Payment
1 month $59.95 $59.95
3 months $29.95 $89.95
6 months $29.90 $179.40

Editor’s Verdict

eHarmony is in no doubt among the most thorough online dating platforms. The services offered strictly specify that the website is for individuals looking for meaningful, long-term relationships. The user interface is modern and very intuitive giving all the members a memorable online dating experience with a promise of delivering your perfect match directly to your profile.

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