5 Tips to Create a Best Online Dating Profile

If you are single and have made up your mind to finally find love, you should turn to online dating. A lot of happily ever after stories have come from online dating and yours could just be on the way. For you to attract the right people who are actively searching for a partner like yourself, you are going to need the best online dating profile, and here are five tips to help you do that.

online dating profile

1. Use full body pictures

Don’t use selfies for your online dating profile photo. Yes, the temptation to use them is high thanks to the ease and current trends, but statistics show that a full body photo will get you more messages. To be more specific, a full body photo will get you up to 200 percent more messages than when you use a typical selfie.

Also, don’t take pictures with friends and family and use that as your profile picture, it just turns people off. Be the only one in the photo.

2. Don’t give a long list of your requirements

Yes, you surely have good taste and whoever wants to date you should know if they fit in, but you don’t give a good impression of yourself if you focus more on what you want than what you can offer.

You can say what you want but focus on yourself and let those who see your profile know the type of person you are, it also doesn’t have to be complicated. Talk about the things you love to do and how you like to spend time.

3. Let your profile be easy to read and understand

What’s the point of using heavy vocabulary on your online dating profile? That’s right, no point at all, unless you are looking forward to dating a vocabularian.

If you are like the rest of humanity who just want to find love and be happy, then make your sentences readable and easy to understand. No one will go through your online dating profile with a dictionary, they will pass if they can’t figure out what you mean.

4. Let your pictures be mixed

Online dating platforms usually require you to upload between five and seven photos of yourself. Make sure you upload as required, don’t leave one space blank.

As you do so, don’t use just one type of photo to fill all the blanks, mix it up. Let people see you standing, reading, cooking, playing a sport, or doing whatever it is you really like. Pictures say a thousand words, and mixing them up will make you look more real.

5. Be honest

When creating your online dating profile, be honest about everything you say, this is very important not only in getting a date, but also in keeping one and remaining in a healthy relationship.

Most people always say they want an honest person in a relationship, it is the most attractive trait and people love it. Don’t worry about your imperfections, there are many others who have it and no one is perfect.

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