5 Online Dating Photo Tips for Women Who Want More Dates

Be Confident

The most important photo tip is to have confidence! It’s okay if you feel insecure about taking photos—you can’t change the way you feel about yourself overnight. But the secret is to fake it until you make it.

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Don’t hide your face behind your hair, sunglasses, a big hat, or anything else. Let your beautiful face shine towards the camera in its full glory. The same goes for body language. If you include full-body photos, make sure they are ones where you look comfortable and confident.

Include at least a few photos where you are looking directly into the camera. This screams confidence! When someone looks at your profile, this also mimics eye contact and makes you seem more desirable.


Smiling is another technique that reveals your confidence! For most people, it can be really hard to get a genuine smile in pictures, and if you struggle with this, don’t worry.

One thing you can do is ask a friend to take some pictures of you. Be honest about why and what you’re struggling with. If you feel tense behind the camera, just make some small talk until it feels normal. The best thing they can do to help you is to make you laugh and snap a shot!

If you don’t feel comfortable asking a friend, here’s another trick. Set up the camera how you like it. Then look down at your feet. Think about something that makes you happy until you crack a smile. Glance up, looking right at the camera. Take the picture immediately. This allows you to trick your brain out of being camera shy.

Stand Out

You don’t want your profile to sink into a sea of similar profiles and fade into nonexistence. To avoid this, add photos that stand out. Show off something unique.

A tried and true technique is to wear bright colors in your pictures. Most people wear toned-down colors. Blacks, whites, and grays are the most common. Avoid these. Instead, opt for something vibrant like red or yellow. This will make your picture stand out among the crowd.

Show Off Your Personality

Your pictures are one of the best ways to display your personality. You can show potential partners that you are exciting, laid back, adventurous, athletic or anything else through your pictures. Take this opportunity!

Take time to curate images that show different sides of you.

Have Variety

Having variety in your pictures will allow people to see that you’re an exciting and diversified woman. Think of variety in more than just one way. It could mean including different poses, different settings, different angles of your face and body, or different outfits.

Think about it. If all your pictures are taken in front of the same bathroom mirror, it looks like you never leave the house. A profile that shows you out hiking near a waterfall, messy from a mud run, volunteering at a local shelter, or traveling abroad is more likely to get attention than one full of uninspired selfies.

If you’re always wearing the same type of clothing, people only see one version of you. Think about how you look when you’re going for a run versus how you look when you’re dressed up for a date. Showcase your style. Include pictures of you all done up with makeup, with just a little mascara, and some with no makeup.

Humans are inherently complex, and there are so many different sides to you. So show more than one!

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