How To Meet Someone From Abroad

If you want to meet people from other countries, here are a few tips for you:

1. Mingle with strangers

If it has come down to it, I think you should give the guy sitting next to you in Starbucks a chance. Or the cute guy working at your go-to favorite bar, no one should be left out. The whole point of saying that is, you should be able to talk and meet new people around you and get to know them. Whether it is someone in the other country or someone you meet on the road, if you catch someone looking at you, don’t shy away from going up to them and starting a conversation.

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The love of your life or your best friend for the rest of your life could be at the same social event or bar, sitting next to you and you will never know if you will never talk. The basic tricks of starting up a conversation will help you in mingling with as many people in an event as possible.

If you can still not take yourself up to someone in person, these apps might do some good for you and find people of your choice:

  • Bonappetour
  • Eatwith
  • Party with a local
  • We met on a plane
  • Chatous
  • Treatings

2. Make socializing your addiction

As an expat, you might opt to make new friends on work, which is the conventional way. But there are so many other ways that should be discovered. There is no need to stick to conventional ways.

According to me, the below-mentioned steps are the best to become a social butterfly.
At first, you can try joining a club or a group of your likings and attend its events and meetings to make connections with new people. You can find a number of location-wise groups for expats on Linkedin and Facebook. Other than that, there are a lot of online organizations or forums to help you with this cause, such as:

  • Meet up
  • Internations
  • Just Landed
  • Spaniards
  • Expatblog
  • Guides de I’Expat
  • Easy Expats

Another source of information for expats could be the local expat bloggers, follow them and get to know everything that you need. Or, you can also join a sports team or take a class. I know, you might call it cliche, but trust me, it works very well. Even if you know the local language or not, you can still take training seamlessly. If you are looking to meet people that share the same interests or hobbies as you, you can pay visits to the nearby playgrounds or gyms and make new connections.

3. Know the language

If you are looking to meet people in another country, you should know their language. Taking classes will find you new friends as well as a new language. You can meet locals in a class or get to know other expats who are in the same situation as you. Learning a new language has a lot of other perks than making new friends, such as a new language looks well in your resume.

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