6 First Date Tips for Foreigners Dating Asian Women

The usual traditional dating tips may not likely work for you especially when dating Asian women. Foreign dating is quite different. To gain trust and genuine companionship from an Asiatic woman, there are some do’s and Don’ts you need to know. Whether you want to date online or you have met an Asian girl on your foreign trip to Asia, these dating tips can help you win her heart. You have seen that Asian beauty and you are wondering how you are going to get her by your side. Believe me that you will. The secrets here will help you find love in Asia. So as you plan to go for that first date, have these in mind:
foreigner dating Asian woman
Most foreigners make grave mistakes and think that all Asian girls speak Chinese. The first thing they do, is start blubbing out some simple Chinese phrases that they either learnt on their trip or from a friend online like ’Ni Hao’ or rather start chattering like a chat box to her about this Chinese guy whom you met or know about. Hell no, this is very irritating to most Asian girls.
Instead, get to know her first then let her teach you if you are really interested in knowing how to say something in their language. Show curiosity about their culture too, their country and they will gladly tell you a lot more. Another mistake foreigners make is dating Asiatic women for the wrong reasons. There is a western misconception that Asian women are naive and submissive. No they aren’t and if you show off yourself proudly, she will get bored to death and run away from you like a gazelle running for survival. Asian women are classy and most are highly educated. But above all, they are very keen with their heritage and keep close guard of it. If you are genuinely interested in one, like them for their individual greatness, the race is just a part of it. Be a gentleman and if you want her, then treat her with the respect she deserves and let her feel comfortable in your presence I have seen these guys who hit on ladies, like ’hey boo, can I call you my spaghetti!’ Cut that crap and toss that ’western sophistication’ aside, most of them don’t dig it. The less you try to make a good impression of yourself, the better.

Instead play nice and simple, approach her respectfully and if she accepts to go out with you for a date, then take her to a nice place. Pay attention to her, listen to her stories and enjoy the moment. Play games together or even invite her over and cook together some lunch or dinner. Try to be as natural as you can and she will be the angel you were looking for.Chinese women treasure their families a lot and if you are dating her, you need to know that. Show concern to her and occasionally ask questions about her family members. She will dig your story and would be more confident that you know about her background. Open up to her as well about yourself and the people whom you really care about in you circle so that they can have a better idea of who you are. Be Honest to her and show her that you have good intentions with her. Be that man who honors his word and stands by it. The ultimate thing you need to do to impress Asian girls is to show them that you are a man of honor.

Finally, be romantic and passionate, most westerners tend to be creepy and crack silly jokes. It is okay to be playful but do it the right way and she will let you slowly into her world. But if they see you behave in a crappy manner, they will not tolerate because in them, they might feel that you are despising them in a way or tend to be immature. Every aspect here is equally important for you to score well on your date and land on that dream girl. In brief, show respect, be honest, show genuine concern, be passionate and just play simple. As you prepare for that date, make it count now that you know what to do! Asian women are very charming and they have so much respect of their spouses.

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