5 Muslim Dating Tips for Muslim Singles

Muslim singles who are into dating will find it hard to find a balance between their wants and the expectation of the society and family. Every aspect of Muslim dating is being influenced by the Quoran-based rules. The whole process has become more complex since faith is included in the equation. However, with the right kind of tools, you will be able to find a relationship that will lead to a satisfying and loving future.
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5 Essential Tips on Muslim Dating

Most Muslims will consider their religion a vital part of their life. Finding that ideal partner that will share the same belief and priority can be a struggle. Not all parts of the Muslim dating will be desirable for those who are searching for that connection.

1. Date within the Restriction of Your Religion

You need to find ways on how you can enjoy your Muslim Dating without violating the rules of your religion. Start by introducing your partner to your parents that will make them closer with each other. Invite your parents to go out with you as a chaperon. This will strengthen your bond with each other and help you understand that you are committed in this relationship.

2. Maintain an Open Mind

Most Muslims are quite particular when it comes to their beliefs and customs. This should not be surprising since almost all countries have their own culture and belief. Be considerate; just because her belief in a particular topic is different does not essentially mean that you can already discount her religion. You need to stay respectful, and your Muslim dating experience will be amazing.

3. The Timing

The number of times that you can go out in a Muslim dating per day may differ. In case you’ve been used to having a date every lunch, dinner, and coffee date, you may have to adjust your timing. Muslims are required to pray at least 5 times per day. Make sure that you will choose the time that is convenient for her. It should never go to a point that she has to choose between the date and her prayer.

4. Food

The food that you will eat during your Muslim dating will also matter. Muslims are not fond of eating pork. Before ordering the meal for your dinner, ask her if it is fine with her. You need to give her a chance to pick what she wants.

5. No to Intimate Touching

There are Muslim women who are strict when it comes to their religion. You need to make sure what type of Muslim she is. Once you understand this, you will know that it is not okay to touch them intimately. Kissing or hugging her at an appropriate time is tantamount to disrespecting her. However, there are also other who are not keen on the rules of Muslim dating.

When looking for Muslim singles, online dating is the best way to find that ideal partner. It is a lot easier to find someone who will honor your traditional values on online Muslim dating.

5 Rules of Christian Dating

According to Christianity, youth who are dating should adhere to Christianity teachings when dating. Whereas these are rules that have been set by the church, there is no one to follow you and make sure that you are following them. You, as a Christian, should make a personal determination to adhere by the dating rules as per the Christianity teachings. At times, these rules will present challenges especially when two adults are dating. The faith that the two have will keep them going and enable them also to strictly watch the set guidelines when they are dating. Sometimes, churches will offer guidance and counseling specialist to be consulted by the youth who are dating. This guidance and counseling person will be appointed by the church members or sometimes anointed by the priest. Whichever the case, the person is trusted by the church and is expected to guide the youth appropriately. Some of the basic expectations when you are dating include the following.
5 rules

1. Always Remain Truthful to Each other

The two dating youth are expected to always be truthful to each other. You are not expected to be dating another person on the side, yet you are lying to another. This basically means that it is wrong to be in two relationships. As a good Christian, you are expected to tell the other person the truth. If something is not working, then don’t waste time for the other person. Just tell him or her in a calm and acceptable way that you don’t love them.

2. Remain a Faithful Christian

This means that the two young people who are dating should continue attending church even when they are dating. In fact, they are encouraged to get more committed to church and not to disappear in sins of the world. This is so that the two remain faithful to God and always continue strengthening them not to lose faith.

3. Abstain Until You Tie the Knot

Christian youth are encouraged to abstain from sex until they are married officially. Christianity teaches that sex is not supposed to be enjoyed by people who are not married to each other, in this case, the girl is expected to maintain her virginity, and the man too is supposed to abstain completely until they get married officially.
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4. Let the Parents Know you are dating

Christian youth are expected to disclose to their parents that they have fallen in love with someone. The parents will probably ask that you introduce the girl/boy and once they know him/her, they might request to meet the parents from the other family. This is just the formal way of Christian dating and also applies to other religions too.

5. Practice Patience

The dating youth are encouraged to practice patience when dating and therefore they should not rush things. They are encouraged to take time and learn each other. This, however, is not meant to encourage them to break up in case they realize otherwise. It is meant to make sure that they learn each other completely.

When Christians are dating, they are encouraged to read the bible and pray always. They are taught to believe that good partner comes from God.

6 First Date Tips for Foreigners Dating Asian Women

The usual traditional dating tips may not likely work for you especially when dating Asian women. Foreign dating is quite different. To gain trust and genuine companionship from an Asiatic woman, there are some do’s and Don’ts you need to know. Whether you want to date online or you have met an Asian girl on your foreign trip to Asia, these dating tips can help you win her heart. You have seen that Asian beauty and you are wondering how you are going to get her by your side. Believe me that you will. The secrets here will help you find love in Asia. So as you plan to go for that first date, have these in mind:
foreigner dating Asian woman
Most foreigners make grave mistakes and think that all Asian girls speak Chinese. The first thing they do, is start blubbing out some simple Chinese phrases that they either learnt on their trip or from a friend online like ’Ni Hao’ or rather start chattering like a chat box to her about this Chinese guy whom you met or know about. Hell no, this is very irritating to most Asian girls.
Instead, get to know her first then let her teach you if you are really interested in knowing how to say something in their language. Show curiosity about their culture too, their country and they will gladly tell you a lot more. Another mistake foreigners make is dating Asiatic women for the wrong reasons. There is a western misconception that Asian women are naive and submissive. No they aren’t and if you show off yourself proudly, she will get bored to death and run away from you like a gazelle running for survival. Asian women are classy and most are highly educated. But above all, they are very keen with their heritage and keep close guard of it. If you are genuinely interested in one, like them for their individual greatness, the race is just a part of it. Be a gentleman and if you want her, then treat her with the respect she deserves and let her feel comfortable in your presence I have seen these guys who hit on ladies, like ’hey boo, can I call you my spaghetti!’ Cut that crap and toss that ’western sophistication’ aside, most of them don’t dig it. The less you try to make a good impression of yourself, the better.

Instead play nice and simple, approach her respectfully and if she accepts to go out with you for a date, then take her to a nice place. Pay attention to her, listen to her stories and enjoy the moment. Play games together or even invite her over and cook together some lunch or dinner. Try to be as natural as you can and she will be the angel you were looking for.Chinese women treasure their families a lot and if you are dating her, you need to know that. Show concern to her and occasionally ask questions about her family members. She will dig your story and would be more confident that you know about her background. Open up to her as well about yourself and the people whom you really care about in you circle so that they can have a better idea of who you are. Be Honest to her and show her that you have good intentions with her. Be that man who honors his word and stands by it. The ultimate thing you need to do to impress Asian girls is to show them that you are a man of honor.

Finally, be romantic and passionate, most westerners tend to be creepy and crack silly jokes. It is okay to be playful but do it the right way and she will let you slowly into her world. But if they see you behave in a crappy manner, they will not tolerate because in them, they might feel that you are despising them in a way or tend to be immature. Every aspect here is equally important for you to score well on your date and land on that dream girl. In brief, show respect, be honest, show genuine concern, be passionate and just play simple. As you prepare for that date, make it count now that you know what to do! Asian women are very charming and they have so much respect of their spouses.

Avoid International Dating Scams, Never Send Money

When it comes to online dating, it can be very intimidating. Not only do you have to worry about people judging you based on a couple pictures and a profile, but it can also be a very dangerous place for your body and wallet. If you’re someone that is still curious about trying the online dating thing, by no means should be completely afraid. However, you should certainly be cautious about giving it a try because unlike other kinds of dating, it can be something that is very complex and vulnerable, especially in terms of your finances. Lots of people around the world are scammed out of their money through online dating sites. Rather than being a victim, here are some things you can keep in mind to ensure you’re never scammed when you give online dating a try.
online dating scams

Never Give Out Personal Information Too Quickly

When it comes to personal information with international dating, be careful with your last name, address, and phone number. You never want to be too quick about giving those out. Those are very popular pieces of information for online scammers, and if they are able to put two and two together, you’re going to be in big trouble. Not only could your identity be compromised, but they can use this personal information to hack some of your most precious data centers. While it is certainly an inevitable thing to share personal information with someone you’re interested in dating, you have to understand that it’s going to be very dangerous for yourself if you give up too much of this information right off the bat. Play it safe and get to know the other person before you give into providing them with classified information.

Watch Out For Fake Profiles With online Dating

When it comes to online scammers, you have to be alert for fake profiles and scams. Signs of fake profiles can include those that use stock images or don’t use a lot of images. Those are websites prime for being fakes or scammers. You also have to be aware of profiles that are seeking companionship and always ask for money or other gifts. These are profiles with a very high likelihood of being scammers, and if you’re unable to tell the difference, you’re going to be in for a world of financial hurt. Rather than giving yourself a hard time, make sure you recognize the signs of scammers, and you’ll ensure you can find love without the added headaches.

5 International Dating Tips: Meeting the Parents

Meeting the Parents
Dating partners who are planning to take their relationship to the next level will realize that it is a nerve-wracking process especially when they are meeting the parents. The process can be more difficult for people involved in an international dating. Let’s face it, not all families are embracing the idea of an international marriage. This is why it is essential for you to take the necessary steps and prepare before that fated moment.

5 Essential International Dating Tips When Meeting the Parents

Here are some of the important tips that you need to keep in mind when you are planning to meet the parents.

1. Talk with Each Other First

There is a possibility that you may have talked about your respective partner’s family personality and history in the past. This will give you a great idea before the actual meeting takes place. Never enter this crucial moment blindly. You may start by discussing the attitude of the families toward transnational marriage. Having an insight about the perspective of their family can help you soften their attitudes.

2. Patience is a Virtue

During the first meeting, you should never expect that you will win them over. This is a long-standing attitude and belief, and it will not be easy to cast them aside. Their beliefs about the international dating cannot be changed in one meeting. There is a possibility that the parents will welcome you, but they may exhibit hesitations towards your relationship as it gets serious. They will treat you as an acceptable dating partner but to be a family member, it will take time. You should remain patient as changes start to unfold. Show them how happy both of you are, and other factors will no longer be important.

3. Understand Their Perspective

During the first meeting, you need to understand that they may ask question or give a statement that is poorly worded. You should always give them the benefit of the doubt and see things based on their perspective. There are instances that they will be personal and look at the idea of international marriage as a method of betraying their heritage. Understanding things based on their perspective will allow you to tackle the subject in a rational and calm manner.

4. Find a Support Team

In case your own parent will not understand your international dating, consider taking someone close to your family who will support and root for the success of your relationship. Once they noticed that the other members of the family are supporting your relationship, there is a possibility that they might reconsider your relationship.

5. Just Listen to Your Heart

You may probably hear this lot of times, but when you listen to your heart, you will be able to find your answer to your problems. How much do you value this international dating? Are you comfortable in the idea of dating someone that has different culture and nationality? After you reached an answer to these questions, you will then understand if you want to pursue this relationship or not.

Meeting the parents can be a complicated process and can even be more overwhelming for couples involved in the international dating. By following the tips we mentioned above, you will be able to take a stand and show them how you value this relationship.

5 Tips for Foreign Men Who Are Seeking Asian Women

Asia is known to have charming and disciplined ladies that are romantically gifted. You would never feel bored when dating an Asian woman which is why many men from across the world wish they could die and be born again in Asia so that they get the opportunity to fall in love with women from that region. But you don’t have to wish or hope that way, Asian women can love you if you have the attributes that pleases them. This is why you should learn these attributes to enhance your opportunity of loving and doing Asian women dating.
foreign men seeking asian women

1.Be Gentle and Kind

When you want Asian foreign dating, you need to ensure that you learn to be gentle and soft. If you are the kind of people that like grabbing things roughly even where it is not necessary, you better change. Asian women like the tender feeling, touch and voice that smoothly touches their inner feeling. They don’t like being forced both physically and mentally. Its time you start reasoning instead of being argumentative. Be gentle in every aspect and you will have a chance of getting one.

2.Dress Well and Be Flexible

Asian women are very creative and very sensitive when it comes to fashion. In fact, they judge men by the way they dress. Dress nicely and presentable. Know what to wear on different occasions so that you don’t look out of place. You can’t keep wearing your thousand dollar suit when going to the beach, you would appear mad no matter how smart the suit looks like. Dress nicely and as to perk the occasion. What and how you wear is the first tool that is used by Asian women to judge your personality.

3.Be True and Real

Some foreign men keep on advocating themselves to Asian women using fake stories and non-existing wealth. Why should you say you have a Lamborghini yet you can’t afford even a motorbike? Love is not about what you own, it’s about how you will care for that person. Be real so that when your proposal is accepted, you wouldn’t need to play hide and seek to cover up your fantasies. Asian women don’t like being lied to.

4.Learn to Accept Mistakes and Solve Them Quickly

If you are the type of people who would commit a mistake and still claim innocence, you better start working on your character. Always be ready to apologize and be ready to accept apologies so that your love runs smoothly.

5.Be Funny Always

If you cannot compose jokes or make funny things, you are not fit for the Asian women. They are beautiful, but they are more beautiful when smiling. Start researching for jokes online so that you program your mind to know how to create jokes before you start dating Asian women.

In summary, Asian women are not as expensive as many people might have thought, but they have their fair share of complications when it comes to how to treat them right.

InternationalCupid.com Registration and Login

Are you looking for someone to spend some quality time with? Someone who could understand how you feel and someone who fits the qualities that you like? Now, there is a way for you to meet different people from all across the globe. Searching for that special someone is now at your grasp without difficulties. All you have to do is to create an online account and just type. You can now meet people from different countries. People nowadays have adapted to the trend of international dating. As time passes by, more and more people are now open in meeting people with a different race.
The website that I am talking about is internationalcupid.com. Creating an account is super easy. There are even two options available. With just a few typing and some clicking, you will be closer to your future partner in no time. I will show you how to create your own account. All you have to do is to go to internationalcupid.com. Once you are in the page, you will see a picture of a pretty woman. On the left side of the page, you can see the sign-up options. As mentioned above, you have two options. You can choose to sign up using your Facebook account or you can create your own personal account for International Cupid. In this article, the one I will be teaching you to create is the personal account. Joining the website is free.

InternationalCupid.com Registration

international cupid registration
Let’s go now for the first and most basic step, and that is creating an account. The account information that are included in internationalcupid.com registration steps are the basic ones. First, you need to type in your first name. Next, you will need to select your gender, male or female. You will then have to state your age. No minors are allowed to create an account for this website. On the bottom, you will then be prompted to type in you email address and of course, your chosen password.
Now then, since your account is new, the first thing that’s going to pop is the “add a photo” box. You can choose to upload a photo from your computer files or you can just import a photo from Facebook. Choose your preferred option and just click upload. Once you are done uploading your profile picture, what you’ll see in the next page, on the left side will be your profile picture, and on the middle part, comprising all the spaces of the page would be the screenshots of all the other International Cupid members. Going back, we did click our gender right? Male or Female? If you chose male, then expect to see women on your profile page, vice versa for women account holders.

Searching Options

searching optionsWhat comes next would have to be searching for that perfect someone. Searching options for this website is so easy. Below your profile picture is the search box. Provide your gender and your preferred partner’s gender, male or female. You also need to provide the range of the age that you are interested in, for example 25-30 years old. Next, you need to choose which country you want to look for and then for a much specific search, you may also enter the state, city, and the distance from your own location. Amazing right? The last two steps would have to be to choose if you want an account holder with or without a profile photo and also to choose if you prefer the ones who are presently active or include the ones who are idle or not online. Check all the information you have entered and then once you think it’s okay, just click the “Search” button. You will be surprised with the results being provided. The next step will be all up to you and that is choosing the one you like.

Common Features

Common Features included once you receive the search results include, the “Show Interest” button, the one with the heart. If you click this, the profile holder will be prompted. Or you can also send him or her a personal message. Beside the picture of the account holder, you can see icons linking to his profile, you can also see if he is online so that you can begin chatting. If you like the person, you can also click the “Add to favorites” icon.
Finding the perfect partner is now so easy. You don’t have to travel. You just have to have an Internet connection and the time to create an account. So easy and amazing right? I hope I have helped you in so many ways.

5 Tips for Dating Foreign Men

International dating is without a doubt something that a lot of people think of. There is just something special about dating a partner from another country – something mystic yet particularly interesting and exciting. However, there are quite a few things that you need to take into account if you are to make this work.

1. Be Aware

be aware
Be aware of his nationality. Knowing that someone is from France won’t do you any good if he asks you about the Eiffel Tower and you stare aimlessly without knowing what it that he is actually talking you about is. This is why you need to take interest when you date foreign men – read about his country of origin and learn about it.

2. Be Careful

Stereotypes are never pleasant, and that’s something that you should understand. The last thing that you want to ask your soon to be Chinese boyfriend is about something stereotypical. Remember, you are from a country which also has certain defects – be very careful about others as well.
international couple

3. International Dating Isn’t Something Special

Deep down in its essence, international dating is absolutely the same. It shouldn’t much matter whether you come from different countries or not – after all, its love that’s keeping you together. This is the thing that you need to account for and to take into proper account.

4. Mind the Accent

People from different countries talk funny, that’s clear, and it’s not something that you should pay attention to. With this in mind, always mind your own behavior and make sure that you are as tolerant as it’s possible. This is one of the most important things for you to take into account and it’s definitely something to consider.

5. Be Honest to Yourself

Why are you seeking international dating opportunities? Are they something that excites you or is it just something which is plainly a primal desire? Regardless of whatever it is, you need to be open to yourself because this is going to have an impact on your future relationship.

Foreign dating sites provide the perfect opportunity for you to take part in something of the kind. With this in mind, you shouldn’t really jump to conclusions, but you should most certainly go ahead and try them out, especially if you truly want to find foreign men. They are something else and something different – you should be aware of it but never show it directly. Being sensitive and polite is a must, and that’s what you want to account for.

Why is International Marriage on The Rise ?

Marriage being a union that brings two people together for a happy living is practiced all over the world. Different types of marriages have been happening in the world. This has been easy due to various attitudes people place on the marriages. Long lasting marriages have been practiced where homeland law requires specific details before ordaining any marriage. Previously, marriages have been happening by individuals marrying people from their home countries. This was highly valued since all the attitudes placed on the marriages were never present. Come to the modern world; there has been a great revolution where marriages are highly appreciating international dating before a marriage takes place. This transition is picking up quickly. Studies have come up with different factors to support the rise in international dating and after that marriage.
intermarriage rise

Factors that contribute to the increase in international marriage

Many factors have been single out to favor the marriages occurring within people of different nationalities. It’s now usual to find blacks from other countries intermarrying with whites from America. Improved technology contributes a lot to these international dating. Right from when the couples meet all the way to their marriage, it’s observed that the initial meeting could have happened through social media and dating sites. With over a million people on a social site like Facebook, one can make friends from any Nation. The provisions of private communication, highly promote the international dating. Several things come together, and finally, two citizens from different countries get married. The same thing happens on the dating sites that are on the rise.
Overseas job opportunities contribute to these marriages. Once African or Indian travel to another country for a new gig or trading, they are likely to find a partner in the new working place. Dating starts and after that marriage occurs. Most of the people living in the United States come from different countries, and that’s why you find different races right from Washington to Chicago.The various races through job interactions have been able to intermarry.
Change of existing attitudes on the international marriages concerning races has reduced. Research conducted done in 1987 polled Americans on their belief of black and whites intermarriages, and by that time, the result was less than 50%. A new research carried out in 2010 suggests that international marriages due to racial exchange is accepted at 80%. This brings about the rise, which is forecasted to reach 100% as most of the citizens are becoming open minded on the international marriages and dating. Strict homeland laws are slowing eroding away, and international law favoring these marriages is setting in slowly. This is the reason as to why you will find states like Hawaii, Oklahoma and Alaska having a lot of different internationals who have intermarried and settled for their families.
Dual citizenship that allows a person to be a member of more than one country has been the main factor propelling the intermarriages. People from countries that accept dual citizenship always experience happy international marriages as they will never lose the emotionally attached citizenship of their birth country once married. This dual citizenship allows one to move freely to his countries of origin and the new marriage country.
The factors named have made it easy to see international marriages and dating on the rise.

What is the Best International Dating Site and How to Choose

the bestThe truth is that dating someone from another country is a dream for many men and women. However, the opportunities seem to be particularly limited, unless you travel a lot or you are from a metropolitan and multicultural city with people from all over the world. However, chances are that you are not and finding an alternative becomes quite apparent. Luckily for you, the alternative is quick, easy and widely accessible – international dating sites. These are particularly convenient for a wide range of different reasons some of which are outlined down below, so let’s go right ahead and take a quick look.

It’s Convenient

Now, not only is it particularly convenient to use international dating sites to meet foreign singles, it could just as well be your only actual option. With this in mind, you should also understand that the only thing that you will need in order to be successful in the world of online dating is a computer and internet connection. It’s comfortable, and you could easily do it from the couch if you want to.

With all this in mind, it’s also worth noting that there are quite a few different International Dating Sites and choosing the best one might be a challenge. The truth is that there are different ones which emphasize on different features. This is what makes them perfect and the best for different audiences so there is no unanimous leader. However, there are certain characteristics that would separate the best international dating sites from those who are far beneath their level.

Customer Support and Privacy

The best international dating sites have splendid customer support, and they are going to go the extra mile in order to protect your personal information. Dating sites of all kinds are oftentimes subjected to cyber attacks because they contain a lot of sensitive information about their users and that’s why they’ve added a few layers of securities. The best sites are recognized by the fact that they take advantage of the most relevant and contemporary cyber security methods and that’s something particularly important. With this in mind, you need to do your research for a bit and make sure that the international dating site that you are registering for is secured and reliable. You can usually get all the necessary information incredibly quickly with a simple internet search. This is something particularly convenient, and it’s not going to take you more than a few minutes.