Why is International Marriage on The Rise ?

Marriage being a union that brings two people together for a happy living is practiced all over the world. Different types of marriages have been happening in the world. This has been easy due to various attitudes people place on the marriages. Long lasting marriages have been practiced where homeland law requires specific details before ordaining any marriage. Previously, marriages have been happening by individuals marrying people from their home countries. This was highly valued since all the attitudes placed on the marriages were never present. Come to the modern world; there has been a great revolution where marriages are highly appreciating international dating before a marriage takes place. This transition is picking up quickly. Studies have come up with different factors to support the rise in international dating and after that marriage.
intermarriage rise

Factors that contribute to the increase in international marriage

Many factors have been single out to favor the marriages occurring within people of different nationalities. It’s now usual to find blacks from other countries intermarrying with whites from America. Improved technology contributes a lot to these international dating. Right from when the couples meet all the way to their marriage, it’s observed that the initial meeting could have happened through social media and dating sites. With over a million people on a social site like Facebook, one can make friends from any Nation. The provisions of private communication, highly promote the international dating. Several things come together, and finally, two citizens from different countries get married. The same thing happens on the dating sites that are on the rise.
Overseas job opportunities contribute to these marriages. Once African or Indian travel to another country for a new gig or trading, they are likely to find a partner in the new working place. Dating starts and after that marriage occurs. Most of the people living in the United States come from different countries, and that’s why you find different races right from Washington to Chicago.The various races through job interactions have been able to intermarry.
Change of existing attitudes on the international marriages concerning races has reduced. Research conducted done in 1987 polled Americans on their belief of black and whites intermarriages, and by that time, the result was less than 50%. A new research carried out in 2010 suggests that international marriages due to racial exchange is accepted at 80%. This brings about the rise, which is forecasted to reach 100% as most of the citizens are becoming open minded on the international marriages and dating. Strict homeland laws are slowing eroding away, and international law favoring these marriages is setting in slowly. This is the reason as to why you will find states like Hawaii, Oklahoma and Alaska having a lot of different internationals who have intermarried and settled for their families.
Dual citizenship that allows a person to be a member of more than one country has been the main factor propelling the intermarriages. People from countries that accept dual citizenship always experience happy international marriages as they will never lose the emotionally attached citizenship of their birth country once married. This dual citizenship allows one to move freely to his countries of origin and the new marriage country.
The factors named have made it easy to see international marriages and dating on the rise.