How to Find a Foreign Boyfriend Online

In today’s internet-based and fast-paced society, long-distance relationships are becoming more and more easy to attain with the help of modern technology. They’re also becoming more in more acceptable in mainstream society. It’s hard for me to find any friends that aren’t on dating apps like Tinder, and with over 7,000 dating websites and apps to choose from, it’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t at least had 1 experience with these services. But with so many different ways to connect out there, and so many different websites and apps promising you’ll meet your future husband, it can get pretty overwhelming at first glance. However, in this list we give you the best places to find a foreign boyfriend online, to help you on your journey to finding the love of your life!
foreign boyfriend

Dating Websites

The first place you’ll want to look when looking for a foreign boyfriend are dating websites. Websites like and EHarmony have a great selection of people who are outside of the United States! Not only that, but, in particular, is available in over 50 countries, including China, Spain, Sweden, and Canada! With this kind of reach, it makes it super easy to find connections around the world, and meet new people overseas from the comfort of your home! Plus, creating an account on a dating website like is as easy as filling out a profile and linking an email to your account, and logging on to start making matches! With 1/5th of committed relationships, today starting online, maybe it’s time to start looking on the web?

Dating Apps

Another great way to meet a foreign boyfriend online is with none other than your smartphone! With dating apps becoming more and more popular, it’s becoming more and more easy to date, and with apps like OkCupid, you’ll be well on your way to meeting Mr.Right! All you need to do to join these apps is to create an account, much like a dating website, and start searching! To use OkCupid to find a foreign boyfriend, all you have to do is search in the country you want, and OkCupid will match with men from that country!


In all, if you’re sick of searching for love in all the wrong places, give online dating a shot! Of course, anyone who decides to date online must take certain special precautions that one doesn’t have to think about when dating in the real world. One thing that people need to remember is that people lie. Like a lot. Especially when talking to someone when another country. To avoid being catfished, or being led-on online from someone who is faking their identity, make sure to video chat with them, or have them send more pictures of themselves to verify that they are indeed the person you think you’re talking to. Doing this will verify that they’re actually a person and not just a google search image result!

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  1. eya ortez galangue

    I am searching for a serious relationship its hard for me to find because many foreigner are not serious and telling lies some of them fake. I hope I can find here on this dating site..

  2. chamie averunt

    Still praying for God giving foreign loving guy who had respect and true real man of few words but of actions showing his sincerity and affection without lies but of the purity of his intention,And i would be a woman of his dream.

  3. Ronell

    I am looking for a serious relationship a man who willing to accept who I am and stay for me forever
    I’m from phillipines

  4. Hey I’m from Philippines 16 yrs of age and I’m looking for a serious and same vibes relationship who’s willing to accept my flaws and stay for me no matter what happen

  5. Ola rozy

    Hlo am from Nigeria my name is rose need a serious relationship dat we lead to marriage from Canada, Germany, u.s.a

  6. Linda

    Hi Simephi, how are you? Where do you live? And how old are you? I’m fine, my name Linda, I live in the United States.

  7. Love

    Hi I’m love from Nigeria. I am tired of being single. I need a serious relationship that will lead to marriage. Send me a message if you’re the one

  8. Sam Alferez

    I am searching for a serious relationship its hard for me to find because many foreigner are not serious and telling lies some of them fake. I hope I can find here on this dating site.

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