Reviews of the Top 5 Christian Dating Sites & Apps 2022


christian mingle

This dating site is dedicated to bringing together the vast number of single Christians who want to find a suitable mate through a Christian dating site. Christian mingle know the value of a God-centered relationship and it seeks to make this possible for single couples. The quality connections that Christian Mingle aims to provide to its members are a major highlight of their services.

Top Features

1. Profile activity

This feature is a very important tool that can be used by the various users to check on who has been going through your profile. Additionally, you can also see the ‘smiles’ that you have sent or received as well as the emails you have sent to various users. You can also get to see who has added you to their ‘favorites’ list.

2. The events tab

This is a very key feature employed by the site to enable users to create or view any upcoming Christian mingle events. The events tab works in an almost similar way to Google calendar. The effect of this is that it provides a non-virtual environment where Christian singles can meet and have chats face-to-face.

This feature enables members choose which chat room they wish to join from a list of EIGHT chat rooms.


  • It has very useful tool that users can use to get to know more about their partner before they actually decide to meet.
  • They have a very simple webpage layout that enables for easy navigation.
  • Majority of the members have photos.


  • With over 2.4 million monthly users, it can be quite cumbersome to find yourself the right mate, especially owing to the simple reason that they do not have a dedicated service aimed at matchmaking.
  • They are not quite clear about their fees and processes.

Editor’s Verdict

Christian Mingle has gone out of it’s way to ensure that their users are able to pair up with the right mate. A major part of this has been made possible especially due to the added tools such as the recent activity tab where users are able to follow up on their contacts. The enabling environment that has also been created by the site to physically link the members in a non electric environment has also helped to make the site more practical and efficient. I would recommend this Christian dating site to anyone who would love to have a very easy time getting in touch with a fellow Christian mate for a date.


christian cafe

Christian Cafe is a Christian dating website that was founded in the year 1999. Christian cafe has been used by a vast majority of Christian singles to find their partners. Christian Cafe has taken Christian dating to a whole new level simply judging from the numbers. There have been over 25,000 successful marriages that have happened thanks to this site.

Top Features

1. Christian owned

Christian Cafe unlike most Christian dating sites is proudly owned and independently run by Christians. What this means is that our dating site is not only interested in bringing together Christian couples and giving them an avenue to connect but also to share their invaluable Christian values with each other.

2. Comprehensive search

When you are logged in to the site and want to make a search inquiry say for a partner, there are numerous filters included. These filters are a very important tool for singles who are looking for a specific type of partner. Among the filters included are; age, location, and gender, while there is also an advanced search for church denomination, lifestyle preferences as well as body type.


  • Once you sign up as a member on the site, you instantly get a 10 day free trial. Moreover, every other person that you refer to the website via email or twitter will add you each an additional 5 day free trial.
  • Their interface is very easy to use across all devices, whether desktop or mobile.
  • One is able to carry out a comprehensive search in order to get more specific search results.
  • It is very easy to set up your profile.


  • Their customer service is however only available via a contact form.

Editor’s Verdict

Christian cafe has the upper hand over other sites with the inclusion of the comprehensive search option. This search option enables users to use various search filters in order to be more specific or less specific in as far as the such results are concerned. Moreover, the friendly interfaces that allow you to access everything from the top of the page has made navigating the site very easy. I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking to find a suitable Christian dating site.


elite singles

Elite Singles came to the realization from some quick statistics pulled from the Pew Research exam, that 70% of Americans are Christians. Elite Singles truly value the importance of your Christian faith as well as Christian dating. This has made them to set out and enable Christian singles to be able to come together and meet other persons who share in their belief and values.

Top Features

1. Mainly has University Graduates

Elite Singles has a majority of its members being people between the age of 30-55 and who are done with at least their undergraduate programs.

2. Ideal for singles looking for long term partners

Elite Singles hosts a vast majority of people who are professionals and as mentioned earlier, above the age of 30. Their main focus is therefore on single people who are looking to settle down with as serious committed person.


  • Their compatibility test is based on the Big 5 model of personality.
  • They have a total of over 80% university graduated registered.
  • They also have interfaces that are compatible with android and iOS devices.


  • The monthly costs they charge are relatively high as compared to other dating sites.
  • They also don’t have an instant chat feature or a video chat feature.
  • They do not have interfaces that are usable with windows devices as well as other platforms.

Editor’s Verdict

Elite Single is arguably the best website for individuals who are mostly professionals and are within the age bracket of 30-55. Most members of this site are people who are done with their academics or are at least pursuing further studies. The mindset of most users is that of looking for a serious partner who is ready to settle down and be involved in a long term relationship. The site has some top notch security features so as to ensure that your information is safe. The site moreover maintains an edge over their competition by linking up the site with other social media platforms in order to ease connection. I personally recommend Elite Singles to any professional who is looking to be in a long term engagement.



This Christian dating site was founded by a Christian psychologist. eHarmony has been helping Christian singles to find their mates over quite a period of time with a very high margin of success. This success rate is owed to the Compatibility Matching System. This system matches single men and women based on 29 dimensions of comparison such as beliefs and likes just to mention a few.

Top Features

1. Compatibility Marching System

The matching system used by eHarmony uses a very complex system of comparison that utilizes 29 dimensions of comparison that ensure that partners who end up being matched up under this system have a lot of common factors linking them up. This enables one to get their most suited partner.

2. Personalized Dashboard

The site has a completely personalized dashboard and most of the elements contained therein are mostly tailor-made to ensure for an overall improved user experience.

3. ‘What if’ feature

A user on the site is enable to tell the site the various individuals that they would like to be paired up against in the future. This has the effect of giving the user a level of control over who they want to be matched up with.


  • They have a 29 dimensions of a compatibility matching system which is moreover backed up with more than 15 years of personal data.
  • They have completely customized the user experience on the websites right from how your dashboard looks like up until the people you get to meet up with.
  • The have special guided communications that enable users to be able to learn about others in a better and clearer way.


  • There are no videos that are integrated in to the website.
  • There are a limited number of matches.

Editor’s Verdict

Over the many years eHarmony has been in operation ever since it’s inception in 2000, it has been able to gain major advantage over other traditional dating websites which are ever trying to keep up with current trends. EHarmony has been able to manage to do this simply because of the 29 dimensions of compatibility that has enabled for the comparison of the numerous variables that have both direct and indirect implications on a relationship. It has managed to also gather data in as far as personality information is concerned through numerous questionnaires issued to the users. The answers in them are then applied to the matching system to determine the romantic connections between individuals on the site. Along with this, the user experience on the eHarmony website is 100% personalized for all users. This has enabled eHarmony to gain a competitive advantage over other dating sites which offer a comparatively less user experience. I would therefore recommend this Christian dating site to anyone who would love to enjoy an amazing user experience.



This Christian dating site has come to be known as among one of the leading dating sites where Christian singletons come to meet. The site is aimed at creating an enabling environment for a healthy Christ-centered relationship. This website is a part of a group called Cupid Media which boasts at least 60,000 singles who are spread all over the world. If you are a single Christian who has been waiting to meet the right partner, then you might have just found the right place for that at Christian Cupid.

Top Features

1. Easy to search

The site has very simple search features that enable you to search for people on the basis of gender, age, popularity, new members and even through a visual gallery.

2. Search by Keywords

The site also enables users to search people using keywords and Cupid tag search which will increase your chances of meeting someone who holds similar beliefs as yourself. This will in the end lead to the formation of stronger bonds between couples as they will have much more in common.

3. Homepage updates

An interesting feature that has been added to this site is a very intuitive homepage which has regularly updated information. Part of the information that is contained on the homepage when a user is logged in includes users who have shown particular interest on you. This helps users to start conversations easily.


  • The searches are refined and you can even use further filters to select a suitable Christian mate who belongs to the same denomination as yourself.
  • When you sign up for an account, you are given the freedom to choose whether you want romance, dating or a relationship that is going to lead to marriage, an option most Christian dating sites does not offer.
  • Christian Cupid offers further options in as far as the functionality of the website is concerned. Some of this options are; display of profile views, chat, blocking people from viewing or contacting you and even mobile options.


  • Christian Cupid has a paid membership plan that has relatively high prices as compared to other dating sites.

Editor’s Verdict

Christian Cupid has done a decent job in as far as setting up the website to allow for ease of access by people all over the world. However, the limitation that has come in terms of the limited number of users has greatly overshadowed this. Christian Cupid has tried its level best to make joining their online community as simple as possible by narrowing down the steps to joining them and becoming a member down to three. All you have to do is to create your profile, browse for other user’s photos and start communicating, it’s very easy and anyone can do it. And the best part of it all is that it is all absolutely free to join. I would recommend this Christian dating site to anyone looking to enjoy the services of a simple Christian dating site to find true love.

5 Rules of Christian Dating

According to Christianity, youth who are dating should adhere to Christianity teachings when dating. Whereas these are rules that have been set by the church, there is no one to follow you and make sure that you are following them. You, as a Christian, should make a personal determination to adhere by the dating rules as per the Christianity teachings. At times, these rules will present challenges especially when two adults are dating. The faith that the two have will keep them going and enable them also to strictly watch the set guidelines when they are dating. Sometimes, churches will offer guidance and counseling specialist to be consulted by the youth who are dating. This guidance and counseling person will be appointed by the church members or sometimes anointed by the priest. Whichever the case, the person is trusted by the church and is expected to guide the youth appropriately. Some of the basic expectations when you are dating include the following.
5 rules

1. Always Remain Truthful to Each other

The two dating youth are expected to always be truthful to each other. You are not expected to be dating another person on the side, yet you are lying to another. This basically means that it is wrong to be in two relationships. As a good Christian, you are expected to tell the other person the truth. If something is not working, then don’t waste time for the other person. Just tell him or her in a calm and acceptable way that you don’t love them.

2. Remain a Faithful Christian

This means that the two young people who are dating should continue attending church even when they are dating. In fact, they are encouraged to get more committed to church and not to disappear in sins of the world. This is so that the two remain faithful to God and always continue strengthening them not to lose faith.

3. Abstain Until You Tie the Knot

Christian youth are encouraged to abstain from sex until they are married officially. Christianity teaches that sex is not supposed to be enjoyed by people who are not married to each other, in this case, the girl is expected to maintain her virginity, and the man too is supposed to abstain completely until they get married officially.
christian dating

4. Let the Parents Know you are dating

Christian youth are expected to disclose to their parents that they have fallen in love with someone. The parents will probably ask that you introduce the girl/boy and once they know him/her, they might request to meet the parents from the other family. This is just the formal way of Christian dating and also applies to other religions too.

5. Practice Patience

The dating youth are encouraged to practice patience when dating and therefore they should not rush things. They are encouraged to take time and learn each other. This, however, is not meant to encourage them to break up in case they realize otherwise. It is meant to make sure that they learn each other completely.

When Christians are dating, they are encouraged to read the bible and pray always. They are taught to believe that good partner comes from God.

Top 5 Military Dating Sites & Apps 2022

Military dating is a relatively new dating niche, military dating platforms facilitate thousands of relationships amongst military personnel and civilians alike.


military cupid

Founded in 2006, MilitaryCupid is a member of the well-established Cupid Media family that owns and manages over 30 well-known niche-dating sites.

Over the years, MilitaryCupid has facilitated thousands of military singles and civilians to find their perfect match in the service. With a member base of over 600,000, you can be sure that you’ll find someone special within the armed forces.

Top Features

1. Introductory Video

As with every other Cupid Media owned dating niche sites, MilitaryCupid enjoys the same range of features. Including an introductory video that seeks to familiarize new members on how the platform works and how they can get the best out of the website.

2. FREE Match Review

Unlike other platforms where members need to upgrade to a paid membership plan in order to unlock the benefit of reviewing potential matches, MilitaryCupid and the Cupid Media grants their members an opportunity to review their potential matches for FREE.

3. Advanced Messaging Features

Messaging features are the cornerstone of every successful matchmaking website. In that regard, MilitaryCupid has invested in advanced messaging features that facilitate communication among members.


  • Large database of military personnel and civilians (over 600k)
  • MilitaryCupid Android app available on Google PlayStore
  • Members can review their matches for FREE
  • You can get started with three simple steps


  • They do not conduct background checks

Editor’s Verdict

With the aid of the introductory video and the user-friendly website interface, using is very easy even for those that are not so tech-savvy. Additionally, members never have to miss a moment by downloading the FREE MilitaryCupid Dating app that is available on Google PlayStore. The website is also available in TWO languages English and Spanish making the website available to a GREATER audience.


militaryfriends is one of the best military dating sites that offer military-military and military-civilian dating service! The website brings together single members of the armed forces, civilians and veterans.

The shared interest among members helps make the whole dating journey easy and more effective. Over the years, MilitaryFriends has facilitated thousands of success stories pitting military singles and their matches. Many happily married military members met their spouses on this platform.

Top Features

1. Live Support

Experiencing a challenge? MilitaryFriends provides Live Support to members experiencing certain difficulties while using the platform.

2. Online Chat

This feature facilitates seamless communication between members and their admirers.

3. Daily Military News

The hardest thing about dating a man/woman in uniform is that they spend most of their times away protecting the country than they do with their loved ones. With the emergence of fake news platforms, knowing the truth from the lie can be a challenge. To address this issue MilitaryFriends has a page within their website that is updated regularly with all the current news and events in the military space.


  • Totally FREE to place profile
  • Thousands of success stories
  • Advanced messaging features


  • Some of the persons that appear on the uploaded images are not REAL
  • MilitaryFriends does not perform screening of members

Editor’s Verdict

MilitaryFriends has a very basic user interface that makes it easy for everyone to navigate around. Under the Dating Safety Advice & Tips (Online) NEW members can gain access to TIPS ranging from

  • Basic Tips concerning profile creation
  • First date tips
  • Advanced dating tips
  • Safety tips

Generally, MilitaryFriends is an excellent platform for military dating.



UniformDating is among the premier military dating sites in the UK. It caters for both uniformed and non-uniformed singles looking for love, all you have to do is create a profile and you’ll be well on your way to finding that special one. offers its members a great opportunity of finding romantic dates, meeting other singles and making new friends. The site gives members sufficient time for interactions that hopefully leads to a date and possibly happily ever after! With lots of eligible singles on their database, you can be sure of finding someone that completes you.

Top Features

1. Local Dating

You can opt to searching for a mate within your area with any of UniformDating’s local city-by-city portals.

2. Professional Chat

This feature enables members choose which chat room they wish to join from a list of EIGHT chat rooms.


  • Thousands of genuine profiles
  • Signing up is FREE
  • Available on Google PlayStore and App Store
  • Attractive web design and easy navigation
  • Basic membership is FREE


  • Website is cluttered with overflow of information
  • They do not conduct background checks on members
  • The website doesn’t have an SSL certification

Editor’s Verdict

UniformDating has a stylish web design and a user-friendly interface that makes using the website quite an experience. Joining the website is absolutely free for all, all it takes is just few simple steps and you’ll be ready to be matched up with the man/woman of your dreams.


soldiermatch is the online square for military men, women and civilians interested in dating a man/woman in service. SoldierMatch believes that regardless of whether you’re on active duty or a veteran, you deserve an opportunity to find, interact and initiate a relationship with the man/woman of your choice regardless of whether he/she is a fellow military soldier or civilian.

Top Features

1. Safe and Secure Website

SoldierMatch is safe and secure and maintains high level of confidentiality.

2. Search for FREE

Nothing is more annoying than a platform that demands that new members should upgrade to a paid membership before they can start their search. Because, you can’t even tell if you’ll find a suitable match even after you’ve committed financially. is different in this regard, new members can search for FREE.


  • Safe and secure
  • Confidentiality guaranteed


  • Does not have lots of members
  • Does not have an official app
  • Some profiles on the platform are fake

Editor’s Verdict

This website is pretty laid back; its home page features only the essentials in form of a Sign up box and an image of a couple. Apart from that, this fine website has contributed to many military love stories.



If you are looking to meet members of the US military, then MilitaryFriendsDate is just the right place for you! To sign up and be a member of MilitaryFriendsDate is FREE for Life. You won’t be asked to pay anything. There are no restrictions, and members can access all features for nothing at all.

To support their activities Military Friends Date relies on ad revenues. Therefore, members don’t have to be worried about sharing their financial information. Because of this genius approach, MilitaryFriendsDate has a very large database of Military, Civilians and Veterans.

Top Features

1. 100% Totally Free Military Dating


  • Large database of eligible singles
  • Totally free
  • They do not police members


  • Military Friends Date does not conduct background checks on members
  • There are plenty of scammers and fraudsters
  • Some profiles aren’t real and they do not depict the person they pretend to be

Editor’s Verdict

MilitaryFriendsDate is an excellent platform that has provided its members with an opportunity to explore and meet the military single of their choice. Their unique approach to the online dating concept has made them a darling for many.


These are some of the BEST military dating sites on the internet at the moment. They have many years of experience in providing quality service to its members. If you’ve been on the lookout for a dating site that offers military dating service, then checkout the above sites and go with the one you feel most comfortable.

Top 10 Russian Dating Sites & Apps 2023

Russia is a diverse, culturally rich and the LARGEST COUNTRY in the world, covering about one ninth of earth’s land mass. With a population of OVER 142.9 million people according to a 2010 census (source Wikipedia), it is the eighth most populous country.

Apparently, of this population, there are 10 million more women than they are men. With such staggering statistics, it is no wonder that there are a number of high profile Russian dating websites seeking to provide an exclusive avenue for Russian dating.

Let us review the top 10 Russian dating websites that lead in the provision of Russian dating services, with the aim of helping you choose which one suits you best.

Site Reviews Ratings Webites 4.8 / 5.0 Join Free 4.5 / 5.0 Join Free 4.2 / 5.0 Join Free 4.0 / 5.0 Join Free 3.5 / 5.0 Join Free


russian cupid

RussianCupid is part of Cupid Media Online Dating Network a leading network that operates a number of niche dating sites. Cupid Media pride themselves in facilitating love, romance and relationships across the world.

RussianCupid is one the leading Russian Dating site with a user base of over 1.5 million. With such a huge database, finding your next Russian beauty is within reach. Whatever your needs and preferences you are sure to meet someone that suits you.

Top Features

  1. Multilingual interfaces
  2. RussianCupid website is available in OVER 15-languages opening up the platform to men from different ethnicities who are interested in Russian women.

  3. RussianCupid app for Android (available on GooglePlay)
  4. You can access RussianCupid on the go using your Android enabled device.

  5. Advanced messaging features
  6. One-on-one via email, voice chat, video chat OR instant messaging depending on your preference.

  7. THREE STEP registration
  8. To get started you just need to:

    • Create a complete detailed profile
    • Filter your search to fit your preference
    • Start communicating with your ideal matches.
  9. Technologically Advanced Search features
  10. With millions of members to choose from, it might become a challenge to find someone that suits you if this task was left to your own means. However, with the advanced search filters you can narrow down your search to specifics such as location, age, physical attributes, and religion among others.

  11. Ability to CREATE your own online personal ad
  12. This is a unique and exciting feature; through this feature, you simply set up your online profile and boost it as a personal ad targeted to the specific kind of women you are interested in, enabling your profile to be viewed by 1000s of women who perfectly meets your needs.


  • Free to sign-up
  • Easy and quick registration
  • Attractive and user-friendly web design
  • Social proof by use of real life testimonials
  • Free chat
  • Language translation tools breaches the language barrier


  • No personalized matchmaking services
  • Time consuming to find a relevant mate
  • Finding a perfect match is not guaranteed

Editor’s Verdict

RussianCupid is an excellent dating website that has a great design and a very responsive customer support system. Signing up to the platform is extremely easy with ONLY a three-step sign up process. With its personal online profile ad feature, you can create a compelling profile and boost it specifically to those that meet your preference. This is definitely a site you should check out if you are looking for some Russian dating.


charm date

Established in 1998, CharmDate is a popular global online dating platform that has a huge database of Russian single women. Its aim is in providing its members with an avenue to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships.

Top Features

CharmDate has many exciting features that attract new members and endears existing members of the platform.

  1. Communication features
  2. For a platform with a diverse membership comprised of people from different ethnic groups, languages and cultural diversity, communication can become a major challenge. In an effort to address such challenges, CharmDate has integrated translational services and a host of other non-verbal features such as text, sounds, images, gifts etc.

  3. Antiscam Protection
  4. CharmDate takes the privacy, safety and security of its members very seriously. They have stringent Client Protection Policy that safeguards the personal information of all members.

  5. Professional Online Support
  6. IF you have been on more than your fair share of online dating platforms, then you know just how poor most platforms handle their client support. CharmDate seeks to provide the best online service by employing 100s of professional support staff hence providing members with the ultimate online dating experience.

  7. Advanced Search Filters
  8. Through an advanced search link found at the bottom of the home page you can filter your search to country/region, age range, zodiac, height, weight, education, profession, religion, marital status and children OR by inserting a specific lady’s ID.


  • Diverse member base
  • 100 percent VERIFIED profiles
  • Unique chat functionalities
  • Dating tips and advice
  • Quick sign up process
  • On the go dating with their Android app


  • Dull web design
  • Unless you are a premium member you cannot benefit from the platform

Editor’s Verdict

If you are looking for a website that is simplistic with all the basic features of a dating platform and an ability to fine-tune your search, then look no further CharmDate is just the right site for you. With CharmDate, it does not matter whether you are French, American or Chinese their website is designed to cater for popularly spoken languages.


loveme is an affiliate of “A Foreign Affair” one of the largest and most respected online introduction and organized romance tour services worldwide. The original idea was to facilitate online introduction and organize cross border single/romantic tour services. Over the years, and A Foreign Affair have been responsible for thousands of relationships and marriages.

On Saturday, February 10, 1996, was registered and it became the first internet based international marriage agency. It is the brainchild of THREE American bachelors Ken, John and Ron. Thanks to their ingenious idea of establishing a computerized international matchmaking platform, the three founders Ken, John and Ron have all found and married RUSSIAN brides. Proving that indeed Russian dating works.

Top Features

  1. Singles/Romance Tours
  2. organizes many single tours across different continental cities every year. You can meet 1000s of Russian beauties during your eight day Romance Tour to St Petersburg, Russia. This are highly educated, intelligent and beautiful women with a passion for their city, with their guidance you can explore the magnificence of the city.

    The romance tour package includes; Hotel accommodation, Transportation, Guided city tours, Hotel area orientation, FREE one month PLATINUM membership, FREE Express Mail credit and free fiancée visa kit for U.S. residents only.

  3. Personalized Executive Services
  4. For the executive clients who want personalized service while in Russia, provides such services i.e. Translation services, Apartment and Hotel reservations, Gifts delivery, Dating coaching and advice, 90-day fiancée VISA assistance etc. ensures that you receive the highest quality 5-star service.

  5. Communication
  6. supports a whole range of communication channels from LIVE webcasts, conference calls, electronic translators, letter writing, and social media.

  7. Search Engine Filters
  8. Similarly, to CharmDate, with you can also filter your choices by a whole range of preference from desired age, religion, children, height, weight, zodiac sign, Chinese horoscope, English level, social habits and part of Russia where she should reside.


  • FREE Registration
  • Structured membership that is ideal to different people
  • Moneyback guarantee
  • Video testimonials
  • Tour videos
  • Customer care support


  • Cluttered website
  • It can be confusing to use the site as it has so much information overload
  • Costly membership plans

Editor’s Verdict is one of its kind when it comes to online dating websites; their method of connecting members is unique. Unlike other dating platforms where members are charged with organizing their own events, takes a completely different approach by taking the driver’s seat in tours organization. The founder members are living proof that indeed the websites matchmaking works. If you have been on the lookout for a platform that caters for the needs of its members, then you should check out



AnastasiaDate is an international dating website that specializes in connecting North America’s males interested in Russian dating. It derives its name from Russia’s Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna.

David and Elena Besuden founded AnastasiaDate in 1993 BUT it wasn’t until 20 January 1997 that they established an online presence through Some of the services they provide to their 4 million users include email correspondence, video and live chat and other matchmaking services.

Top Features

  1. Protection
  2. AnastasiaDate strives to provide their members with the highest level of security by the use of leading safety and security systems in the industry.

  3. Member Verification
  4. AnastasiaDate takes member verification very seriously, when other dating platforms uses robots to verify member’s information and profiles, Anastasia date employees the use of their profile verification staff to prove authenticity of information provided.

  5. Communication
  6. Whatever your communication preference you can be sure that AnastasiaDate has got you covered, they support live video chats, letters. phone calls, photo sharing, virtual gifts and other non-verbal communication.


  • Mobile app support
  • Authentic profiles
  • Lots of exciting profiles
  • Attractive web design and easy navigation
  • Social media presence


  • Extended registration approval wait time
  • Finding love is not guaranteed
  • Some find the use of AnastasiaDate to be time consuming

Editor’s Verdict

AnastasiaDate is especially suited for American men seeking love and romance from Russian beauties. The site has a great design that is attractive and easy to navigate. They take members security and safety very seriously. With, you can be sure to receive a lot of attention from Russian beauties. It is a good Russian dating platform.



If you are looking for Russian dating, love and possible marriage, then you should definitely check out It provides its members with a great and easy way to find and interact with the finest Russian women.

Top Features

  1. 100 percent FREE
  2. Compared to other Russian dating platforms, Russian-Dating is 100 percent FREE not only to register BUT also to be a member. At no point will you be asked for your credit card information.

  3. Most POPULAR members
  4. has this unique feature-available on their home page, is a list of their most popular members based on a number of metrics such as profile impressions, views, clicks and engagement rate.

  5. QUICKEST & EASIEST Registration
  6. features the easiest, quickest and shortest registration process compared to all the others platforms mentioned on this list. You do not need to take personality tests, fill in extended questionnaires or wait for 24 hours for your profile to be approved.


  • Free registration
  • Million of members
  • Easy website navigation
  • Instantaneous profile approval


  • Fake profiles
  • Scammers and Fraudsters
  • Their website provides very little information making it hard to navigate for the less savvy user
  • Lack of personalized matchmaking

Editor’s Verdict is the CHEAPEST alternative of all the platform listed here. If you want to taste the waters and not ready to commit to a paid Russian dating platform, then this is where you should start your Russian-dating journey. However, you should be very wary of fake profiles, scammers and fraudsters who have taken advantage of their free membership to exploit unsuspecting users.


This site has more than 20,000 of the most gorgeous Russian women. If you want to meet a beautiful Russian girl, maybe you can join this site.


This site was established in 2003. Users can see other people’s profile without registration. If you are going to use this site, then you have to be careful. Because this site has a lot of fake personal pictures.


If you are looking for Russian singles in the United States, you should try Members of this site are from all over the world, most of them are Russians, but have other national members.

#9 is an absolutely free dating site with a good number of members in Russia.

#10 is an online Russian dating site. This site offers a lot of dating advice and tips to help users maintain a long relationship of love. If you want to contact other singles, you want to pay a fee.

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Russia is known of having very beautiful attractive and intelligent women, in fact, according to some estimates it is home to some of the most beautiful women in the world. With the use of Russian dating platforms listed here, finding and dating a Russian beauty has become as easy as selecting any one of the platforms recommended above, signing up, completing your personal profile, selecting a membership plan and filtering your search according to your preference and browsing through 1000s of profiles.

After you’ve identified a platform that suits you from the list and gone on to find love, don’t forget to come back and share your experience with us. Review


Overall Rating:
4 stars
Chance of Getting a Date
4 stars
Ease of Use / Navigation
4 stars
Protect Privacy
4 stars
4 stars
Active Members
3.5 stars
Value for Money
3.5 stars

Overview of the Online Dating Industry

Online dating has attracted a great variety of online dating sites, some with a broad diversity of members from different races and nationalities facilitating international dating in a great way. Of these international dating sites, none comes close to; arguably, the most recognizable brand in online dating.

Introduction to

Match is one of the largest international dating website in the internet, founded in 1995 by Gary Kremen and Peter T. Ong. Match boasts of the largest user base of any online dating service.

A Step-by-Step Sign up Process

Signing up on Match takes between 15-30 minutes max, they have a guided two-step registration process. Registering on the platform is FREE.

Part One

All you need to do is state your gender, select the gender of the partner you are seeking and provide your date of birth. Next, you will need to state your town or city followed by a username, email address and password. Thereafter, you will certify that you are over 18 and promise to abide by the terms and conditions of the service and that is it.

Part Two

In the second part, you will go through a systematic process essentially this involves filling out your profile in detail with hobbies, interests, favorite sports etc. In some fields, you will have a predetermined list of choices to select from while in others you will provide open-ended answers. The remaining bit is about explaining the kind of mate you are looking for in vivid detail, uploading a recent real image of yourself and submitting your application for review and approval.

However, it is important to note that the website might be inaccessible from countries that they do not serve.

Key Features

Some of the KEY features of this dating platform are;

  1. Two-tier membership; Paid and Free
  2. FREE dating app for mobile users compatible with all operating systems
  3. FREE singles events organised by Match to give members an opportunity to socialize at venues near them
  4. FREE dating and relationship tips and advice from experts and members alike
  5. A dating blog regularly updated with informative dating advice by Match bloggers
  6. Profile Pro a service that lets relationship experts assist you in setting up your profile
  7. A Matching Algorithm System that integrates information provided by users with their corresponding on site behavior

Pros and Cons


As with every other international dating websites, Match has its own fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages include;

  1. Respected site with an extensive user base that guarantees finding love
  2. Exciting functionalities and features added on from time to time
  3. Online Support System that makes using the site easier


Some of the disadvantages include;

  1. Profile approval might take some time
  2. High membership costs
  3. Despite the scrutiny, some profiles on Match are fake

Privacy Policy

Match privacy policy clearly states how and with whom the information obtained by the site from its members will be used. It explicitly gives you the right of access to information concerning you for purposes of modification, deletion or forbidding the further use of it. The site assures all members that they will process and protect information provided to them in accordance to your privacy policy choices and the Terms of Use.

Ease of Use

For some, using this online dating site is pure bliss while for others it is a painstaking process. With so many new features introduced quite often, the site might be a bit difficult to navigate especially for the new users and those who are not tech-savvy. However, the Online Help System such as Profile Pro and community support makes it easy for everyone to know their way around.


  • Sign up for free
  • Free limited membership
  • Gold Membership 1 month for $41.99
  • Gold Membership 3 months at $80.97(About $26.99/month)
  • Gold Membership 6 months at $143.94(About $23.99/month)
  • Gold Membership 12 months at $251.88(About $20.99/month)

Editor’s Verdict

Match is the most recognizable international dating service; with the largest user base, you are assured of finding love in this website. With its two-tier membership structure, you can start out as a free member as you weigh whether or not the site will be ideal for you based on your needs and objectives. Nevertheless, to enjoy the full benefits that comes with being a member of the site you have to upgrade to paid membership, this will unlock additional features that will make finding an ideal mate more probable. Match goes to the extent of guaranteeing paid members that if within a six-month period they will not have found a suitable mate, they will offer you an additional six months at no extra cost.

Start your journey of love by signing up for FREE… TODAY!

6 First Date Tips for Foreigners Dating Asian Women

The usual traditional dating tips may not likely work for you especially when dating Asian women. Foreign dating is quite different. To gain trust and genuine companionship from an Asiatic woman, there are some do’s and Don’ts you need to know. Whether you want to date online or you have met an Asian girl on your foreign trip to Asia, these dating tips can help you win her heart. You have seen that Asian beauty and you are wondering how you are going to get her by your side. Believe me that you will. The secrets here will help you find love in Asia. So as you plan to go for that first date, have these in mind:
foreigner dating Asian woman
Most foreigners make grave mistakes and think that all Asian girls speak Chinese. The first thing they do, is start blubbing out some simple Chinese phrases that they either learnt on their trip or from a friend online like ’Ni Hao’ or rather start chattering like a chat box to her about this Chinese guy whom you met or know about. Hell no, this is very irritating to most Asian girls.
Instead, get to know her first then let her teach you if you are really interested in knowing how to say something in their language. Show curiosity about their culture too, their country and they will gladly tell you a lot more. Another mistake foreigners make is dating Asiatic women for the wrong reasons. There is a western misconception that Asian women are naive and submissive. No they aren’t and if you show off yourself proudly, she will get bored to death and run away from you like a gazelle running for survival. Asian women are classy and most are highly educated. But above all, they are very keen with their heritage and keep close guard of it. If you are genuinely interested in one, like them for their individual greatness, the race is just a part of it. Be a gentleman and if you want her, then treat her with the respect she deserves and let her feel comfortable in your presence I have seen these guys who hit on ladies, like ’hey boo, can I call you my spaghetti!’ Cut that crap and toss that ’western sophistication’ aside, most of them don’t dig it. The less you try to make a good impression of yourself, the better.

Instead play nice and simple, approach her respectfully and if she accepts to go out with you for a date, then take her to a nice place. Pay attention to her, listen to her stories and enjoy the moment. Play games together or even invite her over and cook together some lunch or dinner. Try to be as natural as you can and she will be the angel you were looking for.Chinese women treasure their families a lot and if you are dating her, you need to know that. Show concern to her and occasionally ask questions about her family members. She will dig your story and would be more confident that you know about her background. Open up to her as well about yourself and the people whom you really care about in you circle so that they can have a better idea of who you are. Be Honest to her and show her that you have good intentions with her. Be that man who honors his word and stands by it. The ultimate thing you need to do to impress Asian girls is to show them that you are a man of honor.

Finally, be romantic and passionate, most westerners tend to be creepy and crack silly jokes. It is okay to be playful but do it the right way and she will let you slowly into her world. But if they see you behave in a crappy manner, they will not tolerate because in them, they might feel that you are despising them in a way or tend to be immature. Every aspect here is equally important for you to score well on your date and land on that dream girl. In brief, show respect, be honest, show genuine concern, be passionate and just play simple. As you prepare for that date, make it count now that you know what to do! Asian women are very charming and they have so much respect of their spouses.

Top 10 European Dating Sites & Apps 2022

Online European dating sites are increasing in number since many people find it easy to get partners online. For you to avoid scams, you need to find the best dating sites where you can find the exact type of a person you want to date without wasting time or money.


charmdateCharmDate is one of the most user-friendly and simple dating websites out there which delivers what it promises. It was launched in 1998 with the mission of bringing men and women together from all over the world. Safety is one of the biggest priorities highlighted on the site, which is extremely important when finding partners online. You can sign up for a premium membership on the site which offers you a range of privileges increasing your chances of finding someone who matches all the requirements in your mind.


interkontaktTo match its quirky name, Inter Kontakt is an open minded dating site for Russian, Polish and Ukrainian women of all ages looking for love. Through the website, they are connected to love interests all over the world. The platform also offers translation services which reduce the language boundaries when looking for your soul mate.


international cupidOn this site, you not only choose people by their faces but you also choose them by their level of education. You will be required to indicate your age, sex, email and password for you to get the membership. It is genuine and no one will ask you for money after you find your loved one. It has members from over 25 countries and an estimated number of 165000 members per month keep on registering. You can find singles from all over America.


ukraindateBeing a part of the Cupid Media circle which connects singles from different countries with the world, Ukraine Date promises to connect genuine profiles of Ukrainian women with singles all around the world. They offer not only romantic relationships but also friendships and casual dating as well. If you are looking for a quality niche dating website in Eastern Europe, this is one of the best websites for you.


elite singlesOver 90 percent of the members here are over 30 years. It is only for those who are looking for a serious relationship. Being among the international dating sites, it offers universal means of communication like the email chatting and site apps. 80 percent of the members here have a university degree so you can get the good looking people who are educated to your desired level. Joining is free on this site but subscribing to one of the service plans costs.


matchThis is a famous dating site that caters for singles of all ages. It has a trial period in which a person is allowed to text, call and email freely before paying for the services. Many people have given it good reviews because it has helped them to meet with their current loved ones. You have the autonomy to say yes or no to a person’s proposal and when someone abuses you, you can report him or her.


anastasiadateAnastasiaDate goes by the tagline “Love Know No Boundaries”, which describes their worldwide platform of single men and women. They have a verification process of their profiles to make sure that all the members are real and therefore with no safety issues. They allow a variety of communication methods including chat, email and also phone calls. The details that the members are entering in this platform are completely protected.


mate1.comMate one is an advanced dating website which uses innovative algorithms to provide you with the best-matching partners wherever you are. It is an international dating platform which surpasses the geographical boundaries. Despite your sexual orientation, location, age, race or any religion, with over 35 million members worldwide, it is very likely that you will be able find someone that ticks off everything in your list of qualities you are looking for in a potential partner.


eharmony ukIf want a strong and long lasting love relationship, this is the best site to seek membership on. The place is known to have the most beautiful ladies and handsome men. There are also apps that you can use for easy chatting with your partner. The instant messaging service helps partners to chat all time even when network is low in their region. It is considered among the top European dating sites because of its high success rate of 90 percent.


canoodleYou can join this site by connecting with either your email or social media account. When you join, you are supposed to create a good profile that will attract people. You will be given a trial period before you starting paying for the services. The good thing is that it comes with an area code identification feature and only the people from within your locality shall be revealed to you. On this site, it will be easy for to meet your match since you will only be connected to the people around you.

The bottom line is that not all dating sites are good for love searchers. You need to have a good list to follow so that you get your desired type of a person to date.

How to Choose the Right European Dating Sites?

Regardless if you are a foreign citizen who wants to date an Irish, Polish or French or if you are a European expatriate who is looking for European singles, the European dating app is an ideal place to search for a possible date. There are online dating that specializes in helping singles from Europe to find a serious and steady relationship. With their different handy features, you will be able to find people whose interest goes beyond your culture. They will ensure that you will find someone who shares the same interest and compatibility.

Tips in Choosing the Best European Dating Sites

These are some of the things that you need to consider when looking for the right dating sites that is will suit your needs and preference.

Their Online Privacy

When you are finding the best European dating sites, you want to enjoy the experience of meeting new people without compromising your security. You should have a complete control on your privacy. You should have the capacity to manage the people who will see your information and when they will see it. This means that you can talk and flirt with the other singles while maintaining a full privacy. In case the system is asking to get some personal information, make sure you will understand their purpose of doing so. They should never share the information with any third parties.

An Active and Welcoming Community

If you want to meet other European singles, you want to make sure that the entire community is lively and friendly. It is a place to meet new people, and you want to make certain that you will have a high possibility of meeting your ideal dating partner. You also need to check reviews to ensure that they do not have operators just to make their community active. You need to guarantee that they are authentic members who will love to go out on a date.

Important Features

The features of the European Dating app should also matter. You want something that is simple but functional. They should be perfectly suitable even for technologically-challenged individuals. Their compatibility feature should have the capacity to match you with the ideal dating partner and they should not make a random suggestion. They should have different communication feature that allows you to communicate with the other members with ease.


You also have to consider your budget when looking for the best dating sites. There are dating sites that you can access for free and use their basic feature. Using the basic feature is a great way to test the waters before paying for a premium membership. When paying for a membership fee, you need to ensure that it will give you the value of your money. Payment terms should also be flexible. It should be offered on different options that will suit your preference.

Joining dating sites is not just a way to find singles who shares the same culture but also those who share the same interest. It is a perfect solution to find a long-term and serious relationship.

10 Best Interracial Dating Sites 2022

Love sees no boundaries; it comes in varying forms of colors, shapes, and sizes. The increasing number of people involved on interracial dating is a testament about this. Choosing personality over their physical attributes is now becoming common which is all thanks to the popularity of the interracial dating sites. To help you in finding that ideal interracial singles, we decided to list the 10 Best interracial dating sites.

By keeping an open heart and an open mind, you will realize that finding that perfect person is just easy. Here are the 10 best dating sites for interracial singles.


interracial matchInterracial match has got to be one of the best interracial dating sites out there. They have a large thriving community and lots of features that aims to support their community such as the 24/7 customer support, interracial counselor, and member verification system. With more than 13yrs of experience in this industry, you should definitely try this out. You will have a great chance to find a dating partner due to their active community.


elite singlesElite Singles is a dating site that is primarily designed for professionals. Based on the numbers, around 67% of their active members have doctorate, masters and bachelor’s degree. However, you may not be aware that they also have a site dedicated for interracial dating. Their complex matching systems and handy features are also available in their international platform. In case you are ready for a serious type of relationship, elite singles is your ideal dating site.

#3 has a platform that is especially designed for people who are into international dating. They have at least 30 million active members which mean that it will be a lot easier for you to meet your match. One great thing about this website is that it is not only restricted to a particular race. Anyone is allowed to join and access this site. Navigation is super simple, and the different features are user-friendly. After completing your profile, you may use the search bar to seek your potential partner.


interracial datingThis site claims that they are the leading interracial dating site today. They have a great reputation, and they are also well-recommended by the other interracial singles. Aside from that, they have a simple interface which makes it a lot easier to complete your profile and meet people who have the same interest as you. You will not be asked to answer a long and unnecessary quiz. They cater to various types of ethnicities including Asian, Latino and Black and White. It is a premium site for people who are not limiting themselves on colors and race.


interracial people meetThey are considered as one of the leaders in this industry. They are the preferred choice for people who considered themselves as mixed-race, biracial and interracial singles. They have a free membership which will allow you to access the major features of their site. You can instantly search through the millions of their members, contingent upon your interest. They also have great features such as sending messages and flirts, browsing and posting photos and talking through a live-chat.


interracial cupidCompared to the other dating sites mentioned above, the Interracial Cupid has a more professional vibe. It is designed for people who are serious about their dating. They provide helpful articles that will help you find that ideal dating partner. In case someone caught your interest, you may interact with them through the different chat rooms. A short description about yourself will be asked before you will have an access to the chat room. This is a decent dating site that has the basic features.


afroromanceThis website has become a master of helping people find the love of their love that is beyond their colors and race. They claim that they are responsible for thousands of black white dating and marriage. This is a perfect site for people who are looking for a serious connection regardless if they are white or black. In the past few years, they have been welcoming different races with different faiths such as Muslim, Jewish, and Christian.


swirlrIn the event that you are looking for a date with a different ethnicity, Swirlr is the best international dating site for you. They have an active community where you can analyze thousands of various profiles and find the person that meets your requirement. Regardless if you are looking for a casual hook-up, marriage, friendship, date or love, Swirlr have the capacity to address your needs. They also have a strict authentication system which means that it is highly unlikely that you will encounter a fraud account.


eharmonyEHarmony is a dating site dedicated to help men and women of different ethnicity to find the love of their life. They have more than 15 million users and a matching system that can improve your chance of finding your partner. This site will also give you the opportunity to meet with the local interracial women and men.


Love Crosses BordersLove Crosses Borders is another awesome interracial dating site where everyone is free to join. You can freely search for your prospected partner, and you will not be flooded with the annoying recommendation by the system. This site started as a Facebook page for different races which transformed into one of the most successful sites. They have member from at least 170 countries which gives you more option to find your love.

These are the 10 best dating sites that will help you find your perfect dating partner. They have a large community, functional interface, easy navigation system and helpful features.

The Pros and Cons of International Dating

International online dating has been trending so much lately as people are curious about what else is out there. People now want to try new things, new ways of life, be on an adventure; people are even now curious on how it is like to be with someone from another country, ‘foreign love’. However deciding to date someone from another country is not an easy decision to make or step to take, it has its ups and downs. Below are cons and pros of international dating that might help you come to a decision.
pros and cons

Cons of International Online Dating

Without doubt, one of the greatest disadvantages of international dating is distance. Talking with someone frequently might result in you to developing genuine feelings of affection to the other person and if that person is miles away, it will be hard for you to be with or see them as compared to if the person were to be from your home country. However, this does not keep two people away for long as one can plan to move if there is commitment and dedication.
Another disadvantage with international online dating is the issue of scams. There is a possibility of you getting scammed out of money or gifts by someone pretending to have feelings for you. This has happened several times in the past, however, things are different now; sites have put up strict measures to assure their client’s safety.
international online dating

Pros of International Online Dating

Our tastes vary, while your friends may prefer a woman or man from your country, you might be wanting foreign women or men. Maybe you don’t want to settle down with someone from your home country. The greatest thing about international dating is that you are able to find someone to connect with anywhere in the world. This makes anything possible for you.
Another good thing about international dating is that the possibilities of you to experiencing different cultures and ways of life are possible. For example, maybe you find that you are not attracted to the mindsets of women or men from your country, with international dating the possibility of you finding individuals you connect with are likely.
International dating has upsides and downsides, however to some, it has been a source of dream come true. With the above insight to international dating, you can decide whether it is something for you or not. If you are not sure, try it, you have nothing to lose. You can perhaps learn all about it or even find your dream woman or man in the meantime

Avoid International Dating Scams, Never Send Money

When it comes to online dating, it can be very intimidating. Not only do you have to worry about people judging you based on a couple pictures and a profile, but it can also be a very dangerous place for your body and wallet. If you’re someone that is still curious about trying the online dating thing, by no means should be completely afraid. However, you should certainly be cautious about giving it a try because unlike other kinds of dating, it can be something that is very complex and vulnerable, especially in terms of your finances. Lots of people around the world are scammed out of their money through online dating sites. Rather than being a victim, here are some things you can keep in mind to ensure you’re never scammed when you give online dating a try.
online dating scams

Never Give Out Personal Information Too Quickly

When it comes to personal information with international dating, be careful with your last name, address, and phone number. You never want to be too quick about giving those out. Those are very popular pieces of information for online scammers, and if they are able to put two and two together, you’re going to be in big trouble. Not only could your identity be compromised, but they can use this personal information to hack some of your most precious data centers. While it is certainly an inevitable thing to share personal information with someone you’re interested in dating, you have to understand that it’s going to be very dangerous for yourself if you give up too much of this information right off the bat. Play it safe and get to know the other person before you give into providing them with classified information.

Watch Out For Fake Profiles With online Dating

When it comes to online scammers, you have to be alert for fake profiles and scams. Signs of fake profiles can include those that use stock images or don’t use a lot of images. Those are websites prime for being fakes or scammers. You also have to be aware of profiles that are seeking companionship and always ask for money or other gifts. These are profiles with a very high likelihood of being scammers, and if you’re unable to tell the difference, you’re going to be in for a world of financial hurt. Rather than giving yourself a hard time, make sure you recognize the signs of scammers, and you’ll ensure you can find love without the added headaches.